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Oh Mary Kate, we truly appreciate your swagger. We never ever thought of judging you. 

topshop-dress-500x500Not once. We chalked your oldest absurdities to simple lapses in judgement. We all have them. We’re with you when you must be wondering … can’t a celebrity catch a break? You’ll always get one from us … both when our mouths hang wide open in shock … or in admiration. Like now, for instance. We just caught a glimpse of you and your sister at the Los Angeles premiere of the Hangover. We just love that you’re rockin’ Topshop on any red carpet. You can be our best friend. Continue to keep it real; that printed dress was a nice choice. We also had our eyes on it. It might be our new life in San Francisco finally creepin’ up on me, but those round glasses are a hippie haute we can appreciate. We must find a similar pair of those for many a Bay area music festival. Of course we would like to borrow that Lori Rodkin ring sometime but we’re sure you don’t lend your twenty thousand dollar accessories to just anyone. We wouldn’t either. We can’t identify that other bracelet-ring combo but we’ll settle for taking that one off your hands. Just thought you should know you remain on our radar even if we don’t always mention you.


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leigton-mtvawards09Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester singlehandedly made the MTV Awards relevant. I wasn’t planning on commenting on the who, what, and wears of this particular grade of award show; I definitely didn’t watch the red carpet procession but her fit required recognition. The fitted black Emilio De La Morena dress she was wearing was an understated sexy, perfectly on trend with its sheer detail. Those purple suede Brian Atwood booties are beautiful and are nothing to scoff at either. She tops her sophisticated sultry look with a softly pulled back updo, neat with  a loose tousle and very natural makeup … lightly pinked lips, bronzed cheeks, and dewy skin. Honor Roll, affirmatively.


We took a few moments to browse and found some more looks that peeked our interest. Sienna Miller always looks flawless. Her green dress is from her own line, Twenty8twelve’s fall collection. That down-to-there dip at back is great. We happen to have a weakness for bare backs. I think it is one of the most beautiful areas on the body. Her Nicholas Kirkwood heels literally sparkle. Makeup is sheer and natural per usual … as if she isn’t wearing any at all. 


We wouldn’t usually give Ashley Tisdale kudos for anything but her velvet ‘Gypsi’ wedges from the Paul & Joe women’s line Sister has been on our radar for some time. We love them to death and they are a great pairing to the youthfulness of her leather mini.



Kristen Stewart is super cute. She has a certain allure that is hard to pinpoint exactly. What is it about her? Striking, more so than pretty. Her litle Spiderman-esque dress is awesome and we don’t mind her Converse Chuck Taylors here. We regret that accessories are nil yet somehow it still works.


Last but not least, I don’t even know who Ashley Greene is but there is something early 90’s about her look – very original 90210 – from the deep red lips, body conscious sweetheart dress to the flip of the curls in her hair. We believe there is a conscious science at work and we appreciate her stylist for this one.

First Family Fashion

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fethebloglogo_signI spent two straight hours watching the inaugural events while at work today. The company installed two 60″ wide screen plasmas recently and while many criticized their practicality, they proved themselves quite useful for the event. Personally, I believe that The Inauguration should be determined a national holiday. Work and school should be closed for the day. Let’s just consider the millions that made it to DC and out on the national mall today. No one should be denied the experience of watching such an important part of history occur neither should they have to sacrifice pay or a sick day to do it. I have a handful of bitter friends that missed it. I recorded it on DVR just in case but it felt so good witnessing it in real time. The mood was unlike anything i’ve ever experienced and the entire thing brough tears to my eyes. I still can’t believe this day has come.


On a lighter note,

Were you all waiting, holding your breath waiting for our new first lady’s stylish frocks to make their appearances?

I know I was.

Michelle Obama was wearing a buttery yellow dress and matching coat and though it’s an unusual color for a wintry D.C. January,  you know how we feel about all shades of yellow.  The dress is reportedly an Isabel Toledo creation and completely handmade. Toledo is an inspired choice, not a well known name and we enjoy that fact. Michelle is so individual and sophisticated! The shoes are Jimmy Choo’s ‘Glacier’ pumps in an unexpected hue. We love pops of color. The entire look is charmingly retro, classic, and totally appropriate. We love the sequined glittery touch for daytime. This woman always pleasantly surprises us. We believe you here at FE Michelle. We really really do. Michelle’s gloves were J. Crew and apparently won’t be available for purchase until Fall ’09.

On Huffington Post, Bonnie Fuller asks “the experts” and here’s what some of them have to say:

“I think she is a very independent woman who can carry off wearing something new as long as it’s colorful. She may start a trend bringing color to the forefront! Color itself is adventurous, and she IS supporting American Design!!!” – Tommy Hilfiger, designer

“I liked it-they looked like normal people getting dressed up. Michelle never looks like a Stepford Wife. I liked the daytime sparkle – it was a sparkly occasion. Everyone was laughing and happy. She was uplifting in a good mood celebratory way.” – Patricia Fields, stylist

“The Isabel Toledo suit that Michelle Obama wore was the color of a ray of sunshine — an apt metaphor for the brand-new day we have been waiting for. And I love the fact that Isabel lined it in pashmina to keep her warm. It just goes to show that style can go hand-in-hand with intelligence and innovation.” – Glenda Bailey, editor-in-chief at Harper’s Bazaar

Malia and Sasha were adorable and modest in Crewcuts by J.Crew, the brand’s kids’ line.


A J.Crew press release presumptuously stated:

Malia featured a deep periwinkle blue coat, while her equally chic sister wore a deep coral dress under her sweet guava coat, vivid orange scarf and glove set, each tied with a velvet ribbon belt around the waist.

We loved everything about their appearance here and I’ve personally always felt that i’d dress my own future kids in head-to-toe Crewcuts after viewing their introduction catalog at my mom’s home a while ago Their stuff is disgustingly cute and quintessentially classic. We would have passed on the red tights on Sasha and used a more neutral color like ivory cableknit leggings to pull it all together but we have noticed that Sasha has a lot of personality and i’m sure the colors really symbolize her spunk. We want her coat for ourselves!