the wheels on topshop go ’round and round

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fethebloglogo_signThree more days ’til Topshop opens in Soho.

For real this time too; the buzz is intense.

This is one heck of a stimulus plan if I could declare one. The streets are talking. Considering the retail tip-toeing Americans have been doing, we sure are glad the British are coming and promising quite the party.

Gimmicks aplenty and guerilla marketing planned, the Topshop Heartschallenger Vans – clever renditions of the ice-cream trucks iconic to the start of a New York summer – will roll around the city giving out free goodie bags! Get yours!

Topshop plans to report their whereabouts in real time on the official site via GPS tracker and updates on Twitter.  Where was this technology when YSL was doing the very same thing? Clearly, Topshop means business.

Here are planned locations for today.

12:20 PM — Van#1 at Columbia (535 W 116th Street, bet Broadway & Amsterdam)                                            Van#2 at Parsons (5th Ave & 13th Street)

2:30 PM — Van#1 Nightingale Bamford School (92nd Street bet. 4th & Madison Aves)                                    Van#2 at Pratt (144 W 14th Street, bet. 6th & 7th Aves)

3:45 PM — Van#1 at The Spence School (22 East 91st Street, bet. 5th and Madison Aves)                                Van#2 at The Fashion Institute of Technology (27th Street & 7th Ave)

Apparently,  a very Gossip Girl set and design students are the focus for the day but they’ll be continuing this promotion until the opening so there will be plenty more opportunities to track them down.



carine roitfield revealed on cnn

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You might remember our mentioning a few days ago, a tidbit we received notice of about CNN videographers following around French Vogue’s Carine Roitfield at Fashion Week. It was rumored and confirmed that she was being taped and interviewed for an official feature and we updated you all about when you could catch it. We weren’t sitting in front of the television in time for the first showing but it’s all up for viewing on the CNN site here. There are also ‘Revealed’ features profiling Diane Von Furstenberg and Venus Williams. We tried to embed it here directly to no avail. We do plan to watch again on our 60″ when it re-airs. The woman is humble with a genuinely simple heart. She’s brilliant!

Another treat? In the video you’ll watch Carine discussing with her colleagues which of Mario Sorrenti’s photography of Scarlett Johansson should be selected for the April cover feature. We just saw the new cover elsewhere and approve their final choice. Frankly, we adore French Vogue’s minimalist chic aesthetic. Give us more!

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Nike Coraline Dunks


Finally, a new Nike Dunk drop that we’re drooling over and it’s not available – not for sale really.

Coraline, a horror novella by the British author Neil Gaiman was made into an animated stop-motion fantasy film and releases in theaters on February 6, 2009. A pair of Coraline Dunks were designed by Nike to promote this upcoming movie. This is the first full length animated film from Nike CEO Phil Knight’s studio and is directed by Henry Selick of The Nightmare Before Christmas fame.

1000 limited edition pairs of these sneakers will be distributed as prizes … the only way to win is to watch the film on Feb 6th … a secret code will appear after the credits. I say IMMEDIATELY use the secret code at the website and find the Nike shoe box in the Coraline bedroom here. Ah! The pressure!

This is a crazy publicity stunt.  I can’t wait to see the ridiculous amount of sneakers headsfighting for the front row to see an animated movie. Priceless.

The sneaker is absolutely beautiful though and the movie actually looks pretty promising. I’ll be there too and crossing my fingers the entire time. Sneaker gods bestow your powers on me!

Update: There are already a number of insiders auctioning their prize pairs.

This pair is the most expensive yet, at $6500. No one should even entertain this fool and his greed!

This pair is $4000! They’re a size 13 if you’re crazy enough.

This auction is already going and is at $660 with 5 days to go.

This pair just started. Opening bid is $100.

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stay tuned

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An appearance by Tim Gunn is always entertaining. Apparently Michelle Obama made it work.  She’s sophisticated, polished, and comfortable in her own skin, he says. We at FE agree.  Yet, Robin Givhan made this commentary for me. She is one of the greatest in my opinion. She has inspired me so much over the years. As such, i’m also subscribed to the Washington Post. To finalize … as the world questioned my journalistic endeavors and scoffed at the subject of fashion … four word response. “Robin Givhan. Google her.”

First Family Fashion

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fethebloglogo_signI spent two straight hours watching the inaugural events while at work today. The company installed two 60″ wide screen plasmas recently and while many criticized their practicality, they proved themselves quite useful for the event. Personally, I believe that The Inauguration should be determined a national holiday. Work and school should be closed for the day. Let’s just consider the millions that made it to DC and out on the national mall today. No one should be denied the experience of watching such an important part of history occur neither should they have to sacrifice pay or a sick day to do it. I have a handful of bitter friends that missed it. I recorded it on DVR just in case but it felt so good witnessing it in real time. The mood was unlike anything i’ve ever experienced and the entire thing brough tears to my eyes. I still can’t believe this day has come.


On a lighter note,

Were you all waiting, holding your breath waiting for our new first lady’s stylish frocks to make their appearances?

I know I was.

Michelle Obama was wearing a buttery yellow dress and matching coat and though it’s an unusual color for a wintry D.C. January,  you know how we feel about all shades of yellow.  The dress is reportedly an Isabel Toledo creation and completely handmade. Toledo is an inspired choice, not a well known name and we enjoy that fact. Michelle is so individual and sophisticated! The shoes are Jimmy Choo’s ‘Glacier’ pumps in an unexpected hue. We love pops of color. The entire look is charmingly retro, classic, and totally appropriate. We love the sequined glittery touch for daytime. This woman always pleasantly surprises us. We believe you here at FE Michelle. We really really do. Michelle’s gloves were J. Crew and apparently won’t be available for purchase until Fall ’09.

On Huffington Post, Bonnie Fuller asks “the experts” and here’s what some of them have to say:

“I think she is a very independent woman who can carry off wearing something new as long as it’s colorful. She may start a trend bringing color to the forefront! Color itself is adventurous, and she IS supporting American Design!!!” – Tommy Hilfiger, designer

“I liked it-they looked like normal people getting dressed up. Michelle never looks like a Stepford Wife. I liked the daytime sparkle – it was a sparkly occasion. Everyone was laughing and happy. She was uplifting in a good mood celebratory way.” – Patricia Fields, stylist

“The Isabel Toledo suit that Michelle Obama wore was the color of a ray of sunshine — an apt metaphor for the brand-new day we have been waiting for. And I love the fact that Isabel lined it in pashmina to keep her warm. It just goes to show that style can go hand-in-hand with intelligence and innovation.” – Glenda Bailey, editor-in-chief at Harper’s Bazaar

Malia and Sasha were adorable and modest in Crewcuts by J.Crew, the brand’s kids’ line.


A J.Crew press release presumptuously stated:

Malia featured a deep periwinkle blue coat, while her equally chic sister wore a deep coral dress under her sweet guava coat, vivid orange scarf and glove set, each tied with a velvet ribbon belt around the waist.

We loved everything about their appearance here and I’ve personally always felt that i’d dress my own future kids in head-to-toe Crewcuts after viewing their introduction catalog at my mom’s home a while ago Their stuff is disgustingly cute and quintessentially classic. We would have passed on the red tights on Sasha and used a more neutral color like ivory cableknit leggings to pull it all together but we have noticed that Sasha has a lot of personality and i’m sure the colors really symbolize her spunk. We want her coat for ourselves!

History in the Making

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No Mas x Dee & Ricky Starter Bags

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nomas-deericky-starterbagI read a little about this collabo months ago but forgot to mention it though I passed word to the boss lady and we both found it pretty exciting. Chris hung around at the photoshoot for the last two days interviewing and filming which reminded me about this project and lo and behold … the bags are just recently available at Colette though they will run you $400+ and don’t forget the shipping. Big things, most certainly. The No Mas site quotes $300 but you have to do a little work and get in touch with the powers that be via e-mail. This is my idea of innovation at it’s quirkiest. Dee and Ricky products always make me smile. It is nice to see something from them beyond those Lego pins that I still need to get ahold of. Anywho, I have my eye on the Yankee drop. Utterly N.Y. Besides the colors will go with a lot more in my wardrobe. What do you guys think of this?

that cat’s meow

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that bad eartha

sensual, seductive, and soulful.

one of the most original divas, eartha kitt has passed away.

it’s fitting that one of the few voices to immortalize “santa baby” bowed out on jesus’ day.


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let’s go somewhere private where we can discuss fashion

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What do you say? Me, You, and your Chloe glasses

Go somewhere private where we can discuss fashion

Like Prada blouse, Gucci bra

Filth Mart jeans, Take that off !

Give it to Me …

“I Just Wanna Love You” Jay Z

I heard this song yesterday.

It always reminds me of freshman year of high school.

I still know that Drill Team dance routine by heart.


Speaking of designer glasses … Four Eyes, I am; I adore a great pair of spectacles.

Anyway, I frequent Go Optic and I’m stalking my next prize. I need fab fresh frames. I got a gift certificate to Cohen’s that will cover the lenses. (Thanks Lori!) I’m stuck between the following two. Help!


A Christmas Treat

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Aren’t these some fresh editorials in the new January 2009 Vogue? Gorgeous! Chanel and Jourdan really have something special. Chanel’s facial expressions are always so fun and varied. Jourdan just exudes sophistication. You’d think she’s been doing this forever. I’m always happy to see them. More brown girls, please! Happy Holidays!

more after the jump


The Smarter Man

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lee_signI was considering submitting this experience on Overheard but it takes forever for them to pick and choose. Or so it seems … our friend Rob said he was shocked when after nearly five months he was e-mailed that his had been chosen.  So instead you, our loyal readers, get first dibs on my recount of a hilarious great conversation between two men dishing about life like schoolgirls on the Long Island Railroad.

Man #1: New girlfriend?

Man#2: Yes, and she’s the hottest one naked to date. She’s the one.

Man #1: She’s 23, you said?

Man#2 (at the very least 30):  Perfect age. She asks me for advice all the time. I help her make decisions. I’m the man. She wants to know what like. She tries it; she likes it.  She thinks i’m smart as fuck. Older women aim to prove that they don’t need you; they want to be in control. The only thing they ask me for for is money and gifts. They always think they’re the smarter ones.

Man #1: They are smarter. I need a woman our age, older even.

Even though I was too impatient, Overheard is def Funk Etiquette recommended. I check it out at least once weekly. Check these picks from today’s goodies.

this one is a little less than politically correct but I don’t have a problem with that.

Except for Tuesdays, When I’m Half Navajo.

Mom: Why don’t you want to go to that high school?
White daughter: Because there are too many black people.
Mom: I thought you were black…
White daughter: Yeah, I used to be black by association, but now I’m Puerto Rican.

— Penn Station


MTV thinks Reality TV is like Sex

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Just when I started falling asleep during episodes of the Hills, MTV announces two more ridiculous spinoffs. Bromance … which you can google because we won’t wrap our brains around something so superbly stupid. I’m slightly more moved by the idea of the ‘The City’ starring Whitney Port.

Up until now we’ve appreciated Whitney as Lauren’s single ironically ‘normal’ friend who appeared to inherit her pseudo celeb status through sheer luck after going after an internship at Teen Vogue the normal, unscripted way. We can only speculate that her leggy, near-model stature … amazing blonde hair, and cute looks made good choice for television and that couldn’t have hurt her interview as Teen Vogue already knew they would be taping for televisio. Most interns starts out awkward and slightly ridiculous anyway so whatever works.

Check out the preview here.

As boring as this series looks, i’m giving it to this girl because I wish I had Kelly Cutrone on speed dial.

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Beautiful 2009

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A Sprinkle of Black

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by patrick moberg

Sometimes you need to sprinkle a little black on an all-white canvas or silhouette to getthat pop, that bit of excitement, that change, that extra oomph that makes you proud to be who you are.

less than two days folks …

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betsey johnson spring 2008

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Michelle Obama in H&M

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I hate to be the the only naysayer … well actually I quite enjoy it at times … but in this case, while everyone rang their bells in praise of Michelle Obama’s $150 White House Black Market dress a few months ago, I shook my head because I didn’t like it one bit. It wasn’t the price tag; I’m a humble budget shopper … most of the time. And, I wasn’t as surprised and enamored as everyone else. $150 isn’t that cheap. It was The View for goodness sakes. I understood the excitement to an extent and found a smug humor in it but part of me wished she had worn something a little better. I did find myself thinking maybe had she spent a little bit more … well you know he rest.

I think the consciousness Americans have shown regarding the wares our presidential candidates’ wives have been wearing is fascinating proof of what fashion really is and what it should mean. Critics might look down at the fashion elite for enumerating the worth of Cindy McCain’s Oscar de La Renta ensemble and Chanel baubles rather than discuss her husband’s public policy. Still, the point brings up some insightful context about class, consumption, greed, etc. And while Vanity Fair reported that Cindy McCain’s Convention outfit totaled a whopping $300,000 including earrings the price of a pretty decent American home, Michelle Obama’s running around campaigning in Detroit wearing an H&M dress estimated at $34.99. And it’s pretty well chosen. I adore H&M like everyone else … maybe more but I pass on the good majority of its offerings. Michelle’s Narcisco Rodriguez like pick is simple with vibrant, fresh colors, and classic lines that … considering it’s H&M origins, isn’t overly trendy. Gotta love this woman. She’s kicked the fashions up a notch during this entire campaign. The others … have worn designer threads like uniforms. Somebody pass them a lookbook please. Michelle’s done her own take every time.

Let me know if you were one of the many people I’m sure headed out to try to find this dress after the frenzy and FOUND it … or didn’t. It’s cute but I wouldn’t even try. This is New York City. I’m not going to find it.

Fashion’s Politically Positioned

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I hope the lack of McCain swag is really saying something. I certainly can do without his face being anywhere. I could go on and on but I don’t intend on offending anyone. That’s MY position … in case you were wondering. You probably already know about the fashionable items this election season has provided. Major fashion designers such as Diane von Furstenburg, Alexander Wang, Patricia Field, Tracy Reese, Derek Lam, Nanette Lepore etc. have designed campaign merchandise mostly inluding t-shirts, bags, and other basic accessories. Through the Runway to Change headline, much of the fashion industry has already dropped their ballot. You can purchase most of the product here at Obama’s official site.