this is why I don’t shop anymore

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I keep telling everyone.

Classic funk etiquette; recession style saver #1

Get yourself an unforgettably fly hair style, color, cut. I can’t say how brave you’re feeling.

Big hair right here don’t care.

Find a few pairs of the most dope examples of  footwear that ever lived or that you can afford.

Don’t forget confidence.

But it’s that easy.

Seriously, this gal is wearing a brown suede jacket two sizes too big and skinny black jeans and funky wedges, Dries Van Noten mind you,  getting snapped by Sarti … and we get it. We’re feeling it too.

Update: Apparently this girl’s name is Arvida and she wears those shoes like every day. She lives in them. The truth is in the blog. We crossed out ‘a few pairs’ above. Feel free to find yourself just one and run their soles down.

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Nike Coraline Dunks


Finally, a new Nike Dunk drop that we’re drooling over and it’s not available – not for sale really.

Coraline, a horror novella by the British author Neil Gaiman was made into an animated stop-motion fantasy film and releases in theaters on February 6, 2009. A pair of Coraline Dunks were designed by Nike to promote this upcoming movie. This is the first full length animated film from Nike CEO Phil Knight’s studio and is directed by Henry Selick of The Nightmare Before Christmas fame.

1000 limited edition pairs of these sneakers will be distributed as prizes … the only way to win is to watch the film on Feb 6th … a secret code will appear after the credits. I say IMMEDIATELY use the secret code at the website and find the Nike shoe box in the Coraline bedroom here. Ah! The pressure!

This is a crazy publicity stunt.  I can’t wait to see the ridiculous amount of sneakers headsfighting for the front row to see an animated movie. Priceless.

The sneaker is absolutely beautiful though and the movie actually looks pretty promising. I’ll be there too and crossing my fingers the entire time. Sneaker gods bestow your powers on me!

Update: There are already a number of insiders auctioning their prize pairs.

This pair is the most expensive yet, at $6500. No one should even entertain this fool and his greed!

This pair is $4000! They’re a size 13 if you’re crazy enough.

This auction is already going and is at $660 with 5 days to go.

This pair just started. Opening bid is $100.

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There is no other entourage alive with as much funk etiquette. Clearly no rules apply with this set. Front row accoutrement in Milan, i’m sure. There’s some we’d take and leave here.  For starters, I’ll have the jacket  with the red piping and the luggage on the far left. Pass me that green moto jacket and the leopard pants. Kanye’s tartan plaid trench better be already in the mail for me homie! Those red wayfarers tickle me on the right. I can dig it. Don’t forget those either. We see you Fonz. Get your cut and sew on. I guess we can safely assume that Kanye’s future line is way more fresher than sean john. we love you diddy!

In other news, we do NOT plan to comment on Kanye’s sneaker drop  with Louis Vuitton that has been permeating the blogsphere and creating a buzz the last couple of days. Those kicks need a few more people. Kanye’s ego doesn’t count. NO soy excited.

No Mas x Dee & Ricky Starter Bags

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nomas-deericky-starterbagI read a little about this collabo months ago but forgot to mention it though I passed word to the boss lady and we both found it pretty exciting. Chris hung around at the photoshoot for the last two days interviewing and filming which reminded me about this project and lo and behold … the bags are just recently available at Colette though they will run you $400+ and don’t forget the shipping. Big things, most certainly. The No Mas site quotes $300 but you have to do a little work and get in touch with the powers that be via e-mail. This is my idea of innovation at it’s quirkiest. Dee and Ricky products always make me smile. It is nice to see something from them beyond those Lego pins that I still need to get ahold of. Anywho, I have my eye on the Yankee drop. Utterly N.Y. Besides the colors will go with a lot more in my wardrobe. What do you guys think of this?

leave it to my crew/ we gonna be playa proof

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let’s go somewhere private where we can discuss fashion

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What do you say? Me, You, and your Chloe glasses

Go somewhere private where we can discuss fashion

Like Prada blouse, Gucci bra

Filth Mart jeans, Take that off !

Give it to Me …

“I Just Wanna Love You” Jay Z

I heard this song yesterday.

It always reminds me of freshman year of high school.

I still know that Drill Team dance routine by heart.


Speaking of designer glasses … Four Eyes, I am; I adore a great pair of spectacles.

Anyway, I frequent Go Optic and I’m stalking my next prize. I need fab fresh frames. I got a gift certificate to Cohen’s that will cover the lenses. (Thanks Lori!) I’m stuck between the following two. Help!


A Christmas Treat

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Aren’t these some fresh editorials in the new January 2009 Vogue? Gorgeous! Chanel and Jourdan really have something special. Chanel’s facial expressions are always so fun and varied. Jourdan just exudes sophistication. You’d think she’s been doing this forever. I’m always happy to see them. More brown girls, please! Happy Holidays!

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The Abominable Snow Jam

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you weren’t at the party at my crib?

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Copycat: Victoria Secret does Marc Jacobs

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Last fall/winter, Marc by Marc Jacobs offered us some of the most playfully cute booties and we were sold. But at $500-600 a pair … they were just that … a sight to behold. There wasn’t any use crossing our fingers for discounted sale opportunities. Apparently we weren’t the only ones paying close attention; these lovelies sold out in no time or even worse, the smallest most unreasonable sizes lingered around just to taunt us. These booties weren’t our fave of the offerings ( don’t even get us started on the pair we peeped in Teen Vogue) but we loved how practically urban they were – the simple design – and those compassionate chunky heels. Now we’re talking a crush that is many months old now … almost a year. And, as hints of cool air roll in again, we were reminiscing on how perfect they would be for Fall frolics. After being attacked by 15-25% off sales promotions – one after the other – from the Victoria’s Secret mailing list for weeks now … I finally decided to take a look at their offerings and here I see … an almost exact replica … the suede-on-suede almost better in my opinion … at only $88 dollars. A steal. 25% off new fall footwear styles you say Vicky? You guys already know what I’m thinking.

In just about every case, people say that being a copycat is an example of bad etiquette. And usually, we at FE hold our head up against faux luxury items and heinously blatant Forever 21 runway remakes. None of us can afford a Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag as much as we may covet it and though we walk down Canal at least once a week, buying a knock-off would be unforgiveable. We’ve lusted over the classic Chanel quilted handbag for what feels like a lifetime! Unfortunately, we’re giving in this time. Don’t judge us!

Hellz Bellz Fall 2008 Collection

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The New Hellz Bellz Fall 2008 Collection is shipping out to a store a near you now! The pieces, inspired by Punk Rock Movie, a film documentary about the punk rock movement in 1977 contains the usual dope graphic tees and sweatshirts we expect and love from the streetwear brand. This time around there are even more cut and sew pieces including jackets, blouses and even bottoms – jeans, leggings, and skirts. This is such a complete lifestyle collection. Images of the first part of the lookbook are are available here.

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Teenage Love

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This not-a-couple is like a younger, prettier, funkier-fresh-dressed version of the late Jayonce. This just tickles me. I can’t even hate. He’s too young anyway. Now that Bey and Jay made it official, we needed a different couple to speculate about and they certainly stepped up the plate with the obligatory ….Are they? Aren’t they?  deal. Who cares. They look killer. Love should make you dress better. And, they complement each other so well. Simple and chic. We’re loving our view from here.

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