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fethebloglogo_signIt has been many many months since I first laid eyes on these Jeffrey Campbell ‘Camp’ heels and though I held out for the wine colored suede version that never re-surfaced, I finally surrended to an army green pair. I’m excited to breath life into an old favorite.


get Alife! ARC Courtyard Clearance Sale

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1992 presents a pegleg ceremony

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keep for the spring and summer

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I love Keep’s soft footwear. We see the epitome of a warm weather canvas shoe – simple and stylish go anywhere items featuring clever designs that can bear the brunt of a devilish, fun-filled  summer with little fuss. The first styles of the Spring 2009 collection are trickling in on their online shop and we’re in love with The Homer especially the watermelon design. I’ll take two of those please. The Ramos high ankle fit is fun. Gingham screams July.

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What’s up Doc?

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drmartenshighheeledbootbrownsfethebloglogo_signI e-mailed the fingernails off of Buki Fadipe at Brown’s Fashion until I got some attention. He or she tried to slide right over my request. You fail at your job, by the way. How about trying to make your company more money? I must own these Darcie heeled Dr. Marten’s immediately. I dare these customer service advisors at online boutiques to ignore me. Do your funkette job! I will blow up your inbox until I receive the appropriate attention or response. The pulldown menu to select sizes has had errors for days on this item and I was more than itching to enter my credit card information before I caught my senses! I began to dream of holding these bad boys in my hands, the fresh out of the box smell … I couldn’t wait to lace them just up right. This purchase was going to make up for the rude Dr. Martens USA site that puts things on sale for one day then discontinues the style and replaces the product with its ugly twin sibling. I’ll have to pass on the chunky sole Doc. To each their own. I had to muddle around the internet to find them on Online Shoes. At a 40% discount, I couldn’t complain;  I was all smiles … that was until I found out my size was sold out.

I don’t care about this and that and sold out and such. Lies. They still appear on the site. Buki Fadipe, find me the last box of size 7’s in the warehouse and you can be our best friend!

I’ll be there

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leaving on a jet plane

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relaxing weekend getaway was long time overdue.

I remember when a Coach bag was a Brooklyn black girl’s rite of passage. I haven’t looked back since. This luggage drop is calling my name. The jetsetter in us is feeling the Penelope OP Art suitcase though. We’re stacking frequent flier miles lately.

We don’t know the dimensions but at $1500, this is most certainly a carry on. My arsenal doesn’t see the conveyor belt. We out!

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Sample Sale Alert: Mike & Chris

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These prices are hard to believe, I know. But apparently quite real. We’ve heard a rash of rumors regarding the leather label Mike & Chris as of late suggesting that they were down and out and on the verge of bankruptcy or some other unspecified failing. Perhaps news of this massive sample sale is proof. All we really know is that for the first time, we New Yorkers are jealous of L.A. We’re huge fans of the brand and would spend our whole paycheck in a minute. Run and grab yours early! You might want to pick up the Ellington Trench for me while you’re at it!

Mike & Chris Sample Sale

Friday February 13th, 10am – pm and Saturday February 14th, 10am – 5pm.

4900 Zambrano Street. Los Angeles, CA 90040.

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Dee & Ricky Rock Band Party

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soho, nyc. feb 13.

Kegs of vodka and bottles of beer. Sweet! Special performance by Jacksonswinton preforming their hit “Wobble” Purchase your rockstar heart for $25  [if you haven’t already and you’re late!] and get ya rockband team together cause we rocking out at the loft in soho.

Soho Loft

385 Broadway. White and Walker        10p – 2a

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A Peace Treaty Spring ’09

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We just thought we’d featured some new looks from one of our favorite accessory brands, A Peace Treaty, specializing in hand-crafted scarves. I swear by scarves no matter the season and these colorful designs are just what I was looking for. The brand is slowly but surely making a name for themselves and I have to admit, I’ve always appreciated their story – besties Dana Arbib and Farah Malik created their brand as a symbol of their friendship as a Libyan Jew and a Pakistani Muslim; they also employ craftspeople from these regions promoting humane initiatives.  They will present 3 collections for spring ’09:

Kilim “Like the traditional carpets that inspired them, Kilim scarves each take up to eight hours to craft. Motifs are first carved on woodblocks and then used to layer dyes onto fabrics.”

Niani “Handspun and hand-loomed sheer khaadi silk scarves are also dip dyed by hand allowing each piece to take on the entire color wheel and reinterpret tone and blend”

Gossypium “An ode to the boyfriend jean.This denim inspired line gets more comfortable with constant wear.”
A Peace Treaty scarves average anywhere between $75 to $100 each but are well worth the investment. You can probably tell they are stand out pieces in their own right and would make a great addition to a neutral outfit in need of a punch.

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What Comes Around Goes Around

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is moving their famous vintage shop so they’re having a sale! This is something I will not miss. The selection here is usually amazing but considerably high priced! Let’s hear it for …

up to 75% off vintage stuff , new items added every week, greatest discounts during the last week of course.

What Comes Around Goes Around Collection up to 90% off

When: Wed, February 4 – Tue, February 24, 7 days a week 11am – 7pm

Where: 13 -17 Laight Street, 5th Floor, Buzzer # 28, 212.274.8340.

Doc Marten Picks

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I was lured by the promise of sale prices lowered to $79.95. Not a whole lot of leeway in the midst of a recession but I want these, NEED them in my life. Needless to say the choices were narrow but maybe worth a visit to you, anyway. And, there were no changes to the ones I’m watching. Doc Marten’s do you know what a real sale is? Drop a little off these picks will ya?

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Hard Wear

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jcvsaldo_studheelfethebloglogo_signI’m torn between these two studded heels. I’ve been watching the Jeffrey Campell ‘Burbs’ on Solestruck for quite some time. I think they have been a hugely popular style. They are esentially Burberry rip-offs but i’m not mad at that. They are dead ringers for the original and the price is up my alley; even more so now that they’re on sale for $79! My size is strangely enough … still available! I logged on tonight to claim my prize. At the same time, I decided to catch up on Aldo’s selection. I usually don’t have the patience for that website. The design isn’t the most efficient or intuitive at all. What in the world does City Fashion or Career Classics really mean? Can you just point to the platforms? the peep toes? the booties?

Anyway, once I finally found the search link, I typed “stud” in as I’ve been annoying obsessive about studded clothing and accessories. I’m determined to find the perfect studded shoe and handbag to pull together simple, basic outfits. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the ‘Smeal’ platform heel. What I like a little bit more is that it’s sexier, more feminine. The stud detail is daintier; circle and diamond beading, rhinestones. Definitely Balmain inspired. It’s zippered at the back though, not fastened or adjustable like Jeffrey’s at a buckle so that fit could be hit or miss. And, at $125, It will cost me a bit more which is definitely a consideration. I’ll have to check it out in store soon. I might have to hold out on Jeffrey for a bit. Hopefully I have enough time to make up my mind.

No Mas x Dee & Ricky Starter Bags

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nomas-deericky-starterbagI read a little about this collabo months ago but forgot to mention it though I passed word to the boss lady and we both found it pretty exciting. Chris hung around at the photoshoot for the last two days interviewing and filming which reminded me about this project and lo and behold … the bags are just recently available at Colette though they will run you $400+ and don’t forget the shipping. Big things, most certainly. The No Mas site quotes $300 but you have to do a little work and get in touch with the powers that be via e-mail. This is my idea of innovation at it’s quirkiest. Dee and Ricky products always make me smile. It is nice to see something from them beyond those Lego pins that I still need to get ahold of. Anywho, I have my eye on the Yankee drop. Utterly N.Y. Besides the colors will go with a lot more in my wardrobe. What do you guys think of this?

J.Crew’s first ever Sample Sale?

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jcrewWhat the hell is a J.Crew sample sale? This ‘recession’ time has been the bearer of ridiculous retail oddities that the public surely can’t complain about. Standard J.Crew sales tend to pretty much fail. I’m curious to see what they will offer at this unique event.  J. Crew is working with one of the most well known sample sale operators in the city, Clothingline, to sell its excess stock for up to 70% off the original retail prices during a five-day event. There is set to be a selection of spring and summer styles including one-of-a-kind picks that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. There will also be a selection of choices from their uber-expensive Italian cashmere line. That stuff feels amazing on. I’m psyched. There will even be stuff from children’s store Crewcuts and Madewell thrown in.

WHEN: Tuesday, January 20 through Sunday, January 25.

(10a-7p Tue, 10a-6p Wed, 10a-7p Thu, 10a-6p Fri, 11a-5p Sat and Sun.)

WHERE: Clothingline | 261 W 36th Street, 2nd Floor (bet. seventh and eight aves) NYC 10018

grab bag

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I’ll take the Air Claw Tee in black and the entire Claw Money x Boosted collection particularly the fanny pack, please.



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Never Ever [again] 21!

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I definitely endorse Forever 21. I’d never turn down a cheaper alternative to trendy impulse buys that will fall off their hanger and find a home on my closet floor in a few months. Still, I’m a faceless Internet lurker. I pretty much wont touch a Forever 21 store with a twenty foot pole. It’s an unforgiving mess from the door every single time at every location I’ve tried and I’m more convinced after today’s experience.

I walked around aimlessly for about ten minutes in the Roosevelt Field Mall spot. There wasn’t a single thing I found interesting enough and to say that it was crowded would be a gross understatement. The line at the register was 23 poseur fashionistas long when I entered. That should have served as a sign that customer service was truly lacking but on the way out I suffered an aha! moment spotting a faux fur vest on a mannequin set on a raised (read: unreachable unless I didn’t mind looking unforgivably fiendish) table and there had been none on the floor or I would have caught it earlier.

I am very proud of my discerning eye. I have found many a hidden treasure amidst the ‘garbage’ in thrift shops and Marshall’s alike. I very politely approached seven employees to inquire about the vest which unless I scrounged around the store checking every which way, over and under, they would not help and I could by no means buy it off of the mannequin.

Are you kidding me? The last one in the store? and I couldn’t have it? I have worked in various retail environments where that was pretty much an every day occurrence. Whatever happened to the customer is always right, anyway? It’s Christmas. I did another fruitless circle of the store and sulked my way out. Yes, I was sorely disappointed and what made it worse? There was another vest on the mannequin in the window taunting me. Are you serious?


Well, I returned thirty minutes later and promptly undressed the easier accessible mannequin in the window removing my reward.

It pays to funk etiquette, people.


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yet another must have Longchamp x Jeremy Scott Pliage Bag

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lee_signIt’s a marginally expensive shame that I’m obsessed with this particular designer handbage collaboration. And though, I must say … the gold card style will remain a tear-jerking loss … this lovely floral version is definitely more my speed. How neat is this rose-plane print? Apparently it was handed out to key guests at his last runway show. (People’s Revolution, hire me please!) It’s available at Colette (€175, $230) now for us normal folks and I can’t let this one go.longchamp-jeremy-scott-pliage-bag

Copycat: Victoria Secret does Marc Jacobs

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Last fall/winter, Marc by Marc Jacobs offered us some of the most playfully cute booties and we were sold. But at $500-600 a pair … they were just that … a sight to behold. There wasn’t any use crossing our fingers for discounted sale opportunities. Apparently we weren’t the only ones paying close attention; these lovelies sold out in no time or even worse, the smallest most unreasonable sizes lingered around just to taunt us. These booties weren’t our fave of the offerings ( don’t even get us started on the pair we peeped in Teen Vogue) but we loved how practically urban they were – the simple design – and those compassionate chunky heels. Now we’re talking a crush that is many months old now … almost a year. And, as hints of cool air roll in again, we were reminiscing on how perfect they would be for Fall frolics. After being attacked by 15-25% off sales promotions – one after the other – from the Victoria’s Secret mailing list for weeks now … I finally decided to take a look at their offerings and here I see … an almost exact replica … the suede-on-suede almost better in my opinion … at only $88 dollars. A steal. 25% off new fall footwear styles you say Vicky? You guys already know what I’m thinking.

In just about every case, people say that being a copycat is an example of bad etiquette. And usually, we at FE hold our head up against faux luxury items and heinously blatant Forever 21 runway remakes. None of us can afford a Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag as much as we may covet it and though we walk down Canal at least once a week, buying a knock-off would be unforgiveable. We’ve lusted over the classic Chanel quilted handbag for what feels like a lifetime! Unfortunately, we’re giving in this time. Don’t judge us!