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Oh Mary Kate, we truly appreciate your swagger. We never ever thought of judging you. 

topshop-dress-500x500Not once. We chalked your oldest absurdities to simple lapses in judgement. We all have them. We’re with you when you must be wondering … can’t a celebrity catch a break? You’ll always get one from us … both when our mouths hang wide open in shock … or in admiration. Like now, for instance. We just caught a glimpse of you and your sister at the Los Angeles premiere of the Hangover. We just love that you’re rockin’ Topshop on any red carpet. You can be our best friend. Continue to keep it real; that printed dress was a nice choice. We also had our eyes on it. It might be our new life in San Francisco finally creepin’ up on me, but those round glasses are a hippie haute we can appreciate. We must find a similar pair of those for many a Bay area music festival. Of course we would like to borrow that Lori Rodkin ring sometime but we’re sure you don’t lend your twenty thousand dollar accessories to just anyone. We wouldn’t either. We can’t identify that other bracelet-ring combo but we’ll settle for taking that one off your hands. Just thought you should know you remain on our radar even if we don’t always mention you.


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We do routine website checks on the weekend to kick off special promotions from our favorite brands and online stores. Our inboxes are often too full to fit everything in during the week and a lazy, rainy Sunday is perfect timing for a little catching up: ‘window shopping’ via our computer screen and comfy couch.

fethebloglogo_signWhat I can’t stand is when fancy advertising encourages an intensive search for items that aren’t even available. Like the outfit to the left from ASOS. I need that entire look. Now.

Point us in the right direction, please.

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carmen solomons

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Carmen Solomons is officially the face of anything we’re selling.

Relatively new to the model scene, we’ve uncovered competing stats about the South African girl of our moment – Carmen Solomons. She could be as young as 16 or as old as 22 according to some. And as far as we know she is she’s anywhere between 5’6″ and 5’9″ – short for a model regardless. We’re hoping she’s as tall as possible because she’s quite the vision and we want her to work. In our opinion, she could be the next Kate Moss or Irina Lazareanu runway anomaly. Highly versatile, she could do anything really … we think she’s the right look for a Victoria Secret’s Pink campaign but we hope she will walk some runways. Her beauty, however unusual or exotic, simply can not be ignored. First signed to Boss Models but now also represented by Storm Model Management, and Why Not … we know major recognition is just a matter of time.


Check out her video reel at Boss Models’ blog.



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half an amber rose, on the rocks please.

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cassie_aprhrb cassie_aprhra

“Sometimes in life, you need a change,” she Twitters.

“Something deeper than what you thought you were capable of …

Something that displays the ‘I don’t give a f—‘ attitude that was always present, but never showcased …

Something that will shock your mother, but make her call you a ROCK STAR.”

We can sorta appreciate the rebel tone and deep message but this baldy screams more like Britney Spears pre-breakdown … not even half the haute of Amber Rose’s shine. Maybe if she went all the way? I don’t know … Truly, at this point we’ve seen it all. Kelis, Kesh, J Davey … And, for some reason, this girl Alice Dellal gets the same exact high fashion ROCK STAR coiffure right but Cassie doesn’t quite do it … for us anyway. She may not be a bad ass but she’s still a flawless beauty. So darn gorg! We’ll continue to hate on that.

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“He’s always asking: ‘Is that new? I haven’t seen that before.’ It’s like, Why don’t you mind your own business? Solve world hunger. Get out of my closet.”

girl, you’re our best friend.

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What’s up Doc?

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drmartenshighheeledbootbrownsfethebloglogo_signI e-mailed the fingernails off of Buki Fadipe at Brown’s Fashion until I got some attention. He or she tried to slide right over my request. You fail at your job, by the way. How about trying to make your company more money? I must own these Darcie heeled Dr. Marten’s immediately. I dare these customer service advisors at online boutiques to ignore me. Do your funkette job! I will blow up your inbox until I receive the appropriate attention or response. The pulldown menu to select sizes has had errors for days on this item and I was more than itching to enter my credit card information before I caught my senses! I began to dream of holding these bad boys in my hands, the fresh out of the box smell … I couldn’t wait to lace them just up right. This purchase was going to make up for the rude Dr. Martens USA site that puts things on sale for one day then discontinues the style and replaces the product with its ugly twin sibling. I’ll have to pass on the chunky sole Doc. To each their own. I had to muddle around the internet to find them on Online Shoes. At a 40% discount, I couldn’t complain;  I was all smiles … that was until I found out my size was sold out.

I don’t care about this and that and sold out and such. Lies. They still appear on the site. Buki Fadipe, find me the last box of size 7’s in the warehouse and you can be our best friend!

this is why I don’t shop anymore

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via sarti

I keep telling everyone.

Classic funk etiquette; recession style saver #1

Get yourself an unforgettably fly hair style, color, cut. I can’t say how brave you’re feeling.

Big hair right here don’t care.

Find a few pairs of the most dope examples of  footwear that ever lived or that you can afford.

Don’t forget confidence.

But it’s that easy.

Seriously, this gal is wearing a brown suede jacket two sizes too big and skinny black jeans and funky wedges, Dries Van Noten mind you,  getting snapped by Sarti … and we get it. We’re feeling it too.

Update: Apparently this girl’s name is Arvida and she wears those shoes like every day. She lives in them. The truth is in the blog. We crossed out ‘a few pairs’ above. Feel free to find yourself just one and run their soles down.

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Nike Coraline Dunks


Finally, a new Nike Dunk drop that we’re drooling over and it’s not available – not for sale really.

Coraline, a horror novella by the British author Neil Gaiman was made into an animated stop-motion fantasy film and releases in theaters on February 6, 2009. A pair of Coraline Dunks were designed by Nike to promote this upcoming movie. This is the first full length animated film from Nike CEO Phil Knight’s studio and is directed by Henry Selick of The Nightmare Before Christmas fame.

1000 limited edition pairs of these sneakers will be distributed as prizes … the only way to win is to watch the film on Feb 6th … a secret code will appear after the credits. I say IMMEDIATELY use the secret code at the website and find the Nike shoe box in the Coraline bedroom here. Ah! The pressure!

This is a crazy publicity stunt.  I can’t wait to see the ridiculous amount of sneakers headsfighting for the front row to see an animated movie. Priceless.

The sneaker is absolutely beautiful though and the movie actually looks pretty promising. I’ll be there too and crossing my fingers the entire time. Sneaker gods bestow your powers on me!

Update: There are already a number of insiders auctioning their prize pairs.

This pair is the most expensive yet, at $6500. No one should even entertain this fool and his greed!

This pair is $4000! They’re a size 13 if you’re crazy enough.

This auction is already going and is at $660 with 5 days to go.

This pair just started. Opening bid is $100.

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via jak and jil

There is no other entourage alive with as much funk etiquette. Clearly no rules apply with this set. Front row accoutrement in Milan, i’m sure. There’s some we’d take and leave here.  For starters, I’ll have the jacket  with the red piping and the luggage on the far left. Pass me that green moto jacket and the leopard pants. Kanye’s tartan plaid trench better be already in the mail for me homie! Those red wayfarers tickle me on the right. I can dig it. Don’t forget those either. We see you Fonz. Get your cut and sew on. I guess we can safely assume that Kanye’s future line is way more fresher than sean john. we love you diddy!

In other news, we do NOT plan to comment on Kanye’s sneaker drop  with Louis Vuitton that has been permeating the blogsphere and creating a buzz the last couple of days. Those kicks need a few more people. Kanye’s ego doesn’t count. NO soy excited.

stay tuned

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An appearance by Tim Gunn is always entertaining. Apparently Michelle Obama made it work.  She’s sophisticated, polished, and comfortable in her own skin, he says. We at FE agree.  Yet, Robin Givhan made this commentary for me. She is one of the greatest in my opinion. She has inspired me so much over the years. As such, i’m also subscribed to the Washington Post. To finalize … as the world questioned my journalistic endeavors and scoffed at the subject of fashion … four word response. “Robin Givhan. Google her.”

First Family Fashion

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fethebloglogo_signI spent two straight hours watching the inaugural events while at work today. The company installed two 60″ wide screen plasmas recently and while many criticized their practicality, they proved themselves quite useful for the event. Personally, I believe that The Inauguration should be determined a national holiday. Work and school should be closed for the day. Let’s just consider the millions that made it to DC and out on the national mall today. No one should be denied the experience of watching such an important part of history occur neither should they have to sacrifice pay or a sick day to do it. I have a handful of bitter friends that missed it. I recorded it on DVR just in case but it felt so good witnessing it in real time. The mood was unlike anything i’ve ever experienced and the entire thing brough tears to my eyes. I still can’t believe this day has come.


On a lighter note,

Were you all waiting, holding your breath waiting for our new first lady’s stylish frocks to make their appearances?

I know I was.

Michelle Obama was wearing a buttery yellow dress and matching coat and though it’s an unusual color for a wintry D.C. January,  you know how we feel about all shades of yellow.  The dress is reportedly an Isabel Toledo creation and completely handmade. Toledo is an inspired choice, not a well known name and we enjoy that fact. Michelle is so individual and sophisticated! The shoes are Jimmy Choo’s ‘Glacier’ pumps in an unexpected hue. We love pops of color. The entire look is charmingly retro, classic, and totally appropriate. We love the sequined glittery touch for daytime. This woman always pleasantly surprises us. We believe you here at FE Michelle. We really really do. Michelle’s gloves were J. Crew and apparently won’t be available for purchase until Fall ’09.

On Huffington Post, Bonnie Fuller asks “the experts” and here’s what some of them have to say:

“I think she is a very independent woman who can carry off wearing something new as long as it’s colorful. She may start a trend bringing color to the forefront! Color itself is adventurous, and she IS supporting American Design!!!” – Tommy Hilfiger, designer

“I liked it-they looked like normal people getting dressed up. Michelle never looks like a Stepford Wife. I liked the daytime sparkle – it was a sparkly occasion. Everyone was laughing and happy. She was uplifting in a good mood celebratory way.” – Patricia Fields, stylist

“The Isabel Toledo suit that Michelle Obama wore was the color of a ray of sunshine — an apt metaphor for the brand-new day we have been waiting for. And I love the fact that Isabel lined it in pashmina to keep her warm. It just goes to show that style can go hand-in-hand with intelligence and innovation.” – Glenda Bailey, editor-in-chief at Harper’s Bazaar

Malia and Sasha were adorable and modest in Crewcuts by J.Crew, the brand’s kids’ line.


A J.Crew press release presumptuously stated:

Malia featured a deep periwinkle blue coat, while her equally chic sister wore a deep coral dress under her sweet guava coat, vivid orange scarf and glove set, each tied with a velvet ribbon belt around the waist.

We loved everything about their appearance here and I’ve personally always felt that i’d dress my own future kids in head-to-toe Crewcuts after viewing their introduction catalog at my mom’s home a while ago Their stuff is disgustingly cute and quintessentially classic. We would have passed on the red tights on Sasha and used a more neutral color like ivory cableknit leggings to pull it all together but we have noticed that Sasha has a lot of personality and i’m sure the colors really symbolize her spunk. We want her coat for ourselves!

History in the Making

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Hard Wear

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jcvsaldo_studheelfethebloglogo_signI’m torn between these two studded heels. I’ve been watching the Jeffrey Campell ‘Burbs’ on Solestruck for quite some time. I think they have been a hugely popular style. They are esentially Burberry rip-offs but i’m not mad at that. They are dead ringers for the original and the price is up my alley; even more so now that they’re on sale for $79! My size is strangely enough … still available! I logged on tonight to claim my prize. At the same time, I decided to catch up on Aldo’s selection. I usually don’t have the patience for that website. The design isn’t the most efficient or intuitive at all. What in the world does City Fashion or Career Classics really mean? Can you just point to the platforms? the peep toes? the booties?

Anyway, once I finally found the search link, I typed “stud” in as I’ve been annoying obsessive about studded clothing and accessories. I’m determined to find the perfect studded shoe and handbag to pull together simple, basic outfits. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the ‘Smeal’ platform heel. What I like a little bit more is that it’s sexier, more feminine. The stud detail is daintier; circle and diamond beading, rhinestones. Definitely Balmain inspired. It’s zippered at the back though, not fastened or adjustable like Jeffrey’s at a buckle so that fit could be hit or miss. And, at $125, It will cost me a bit more which is definitely a consideration. I’ll have to check it out in store soon. I might have to hold out on Jeffrey for a bit. Hopefully I have enough time to make up my mind.

work with the kid

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this look is waiting on san francisco too.

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all in a day’s work

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ad campaign photoshoot

disclaimer: my digital camera is quite mediocre






can you guess what company I work for?

leave it to my crew/ we gonna be playa proof

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J.Crew’s first ever Sample Sale?

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jcrewWhat the hell is a J.Crew sample sale? This ‘recession’ time has been the bearer of ridiculous retail oddities that the public surely can’t complain about. Standard J.Crew sales tend to pretty much fail. I’m curious to see what they will offer at this unique event.  J. Crew is working with one of the most well known sample sale operators in the city, Clothingline, to sell its excess stock for up to 70% off the original retail prices during a five-day event. There is set to be a selection of spring and summer styles including one-of-a-kind picks that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. There will also be a selection of choices from their uber-expensive Italian cashmere line. That stuff feels amazing on. I’m psyched. There will even be stuff from children’s store Crewcuts and Madewell thrown in.

WHEN: Tuesday, January 20 through Sunday, January 25.

(10a-7p Tue, 10a-6p Wed, 10a-7p Thu, 10a-6p Fri, 11a-5p Sat and Sun.)

WHERE: Clothingline | 261 W 36th Street, 2nd Floor (bet. seventh and eight aves) NYC 10018

I need love

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in the worst way.

” … When I be sittin in my room all alone, staring at the wall
Fantasies, they go through my mind..”


” … Maybe this is an experience that me and you can share
Clean and unsoiled yet sweaty and wet …

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that cat’s meow

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that bad eartha

sensual, seductive, and soulful.

one of the most original divas, eartha kitt has passed away.

it’s fitting that one of the few voices to immortalize “santa baby” bowed out on jesus’ day.


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The Smarter Man

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lee_signI was considering submitting this experience on Overheard but it takes forever for them to pick and choose. Or so it seems … our friend Rob said he was shocked when after nearly five months he was e-mailed that his had been chosen.  So instead you, our loyal readers, get first dibs on my recount of a hilarious great conversation between two men dishing about life like schoolgirls on the Long Island Railroad.

Man #1: New girlfriend?

Man#2: Yes, and she’s the hottest one naked to date. She’s the one.

Man #1: She’s 23, you said?

Man#2 (at the very least 30):  Perfect age. She asks me for advice all the time. I help her make decisions. I’m the man. She wants to know what like. She tries it; she likes it.  She thinks i’m smart as fuck. Older women aim to prove that they don’t need you; they want to be in control. The only thing they ask me for for is money and gifts. They always think they’re the smarter ones.

Man #1: They are smarter. I need a woman our age, older even.

Even though I was too impatient, Overheard is def Funk Etiquette recommended. I check it out at least once weekly. Check these picks from today’s goodies.

this one is a little less than politically correct but I don’t have a problem with that.

Except for Tuesdays, When I’m Half Navajo.

Mom: Why don’t you want to go to that high school?
White daughter: Because there are too many black people.
Mom: I thought you were black…
White daughter: Yeah, I used to be black by association, but now I’m Puerto Rican.

— Penn Station