get Alife! ARC Courtyard Clearance Sale

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dream in color

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fethebloglogo_signI won’t front. I’m still an Apple head and proud of it. Don’t judge. There are those who think less of me because I’m extremely jaded but maybe now he’ll realize that I’m open to the possibilities. I’ve been excited about this lovely gadget since I first laid eyes on it and reported back to you all about it’s appearance on the runways and some of what the designer had to say about her latest project. Months later, I’m still intrigued and as I continue to torture my current laptop under the pressure of a bustling New York City daily commute and blogging on-the-go, I consistently re-visit the idea of owning one of these. Better yet, there are very stylish accessories! The tote is great. We’ve also seen a very adorable travel sized wireless mouse on enGadget or some other techno blog and the scarf is gorgeous on it’ s own.

A little bit of stalking every now and then via Google Reader led to news about a month ago regarding a giveaway in Singapore! There’s worldwide interest in it! We’d really like to see this thing up close and it seems like an opportunity is now!

New York City’s flagship Macy’s presents a fantastic Flower Show annually celebrating the arrival of spring and of course the greenery, topiaries, trees, and blossoms that come with it. The show includes examples from all around the world. It was canceled last year but has returned for 2009 under the headline of “Dream in Color’. You can check it out starting April 5th. An event like this one seems just as extraordinary as a runway show to present our product of the moment. The floral peony print fits right in. HP will sponsor three peony gardens that will especially feature the Vivienne Tam mini computer as high-fashion digital couture. Way better catchphrase then our ‘techno-chic’ I think. There will also be special displays during April at Macy’s stores in Chicago, Minneapolis, New York City, San Francisco and Philadelphia. We intend on getting a closer look and feel and tell you what we think.


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1992 presents a pegleg ceremony

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I’ll be there

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a little bit

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he knows who he is

don’t you let me, let me go TONIGHT

educate yourself tomorrow night at The Fillmore, SF

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leaving on a jet plane

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relaxing weekend getaway was long time overdue.

I remember when a Coach bag was a Brooklyn black girl’s rite of passage. I haven’t looked back since. This luggage drop is calling my name. The jetsetter in us is feeling the Penelope OP Art suitcase though. We’re stacking frequent flier miles lately.

We don’t know the dimensions but at $1500, this is most certainly a carry on. My arsenal doesn’t see the conveyor belt. We out!

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Sample Sale Alert: Mike & Chris

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These prices are hard to believe, I know. But apparently quite real. We’ve heard a rash of rumors regarding the leather label Mike & Chris as of late suggesting that they were down and out and on the verge of bankruptcy or some other unspecified failing. Perhaps news of this massive sample sale is proof. All we really know is that for the first time, we New Yorkers are jealous of L.A. We’re huge fans of the brand and would spend our whole paycheck in a minute. Run and grab yours early! You might want to pick up the Ellington Trench for me while you’re at it!

Mike & Chris Sample Sale

Friday February 13th, 10am – pm and Saturday February 14th, 10am – 5pm.

4900 Zambrano Street. Los Angeles, CA 90040.

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Dee & Ricky Rock Band Party

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soho, nyc. feb 13.

Kegs of vodka and bottles of beer. Sweet! Special performance by Jacksonswinton preforming their hit “Wobble” Purchase your rockstar heart for $25  [if you haven’t already and you’re late!] and get ya rockband team together cause we rocking out at the loft in soho.

Soho Loft

385 Broadway. White and Walker        10p – 2a

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Nike Coraline Dunks


Finally, a new Nike Dunk drop that we’re drooling over and it’s not available – not for sale really.

Coraline, a horror novella by the British author Neil Gaiman was made into an animated stop-motion fantasy film and releases in theaters on February 6, 2009. A pair of Coraline Dunks were designed by Nike to promote this upcoming movie. This is the first full length animated film from Nike CEO Phil Knight’s studio and is directed by Henry Selick of The Nightmare Before Christmas fame.

1000 limited edition pairs of these sneakers will be distributed as prizes … the only way to win is to watch the film on Feb 6th … a secret code will appear after the credits. I say IMMEDIATELY use the secret code at the website and find the Nike shoe box in the Coraline bedroom here. Ah! The pressure!

This is a crazy publicity stunt.  I can’t wait to see the ridiculous amount of sneakers headsfighting for the front row to see an animated movie. Priceless.

The sneaker is absolutely beautiful though and the movie actually looks pretty promising. I’ll be there too and crossing my fingers the entire time. Sneaker gods bestow your powers on me!

Update: There are already a number of insiders auctioning their prize pairs.

This pair is the most expensive yet, at $6500. No one should even entertain this fool and his greed!

This pair is $4000! They’re a size 13 if you’re crazy enough.

This auction is already going and is at $660 with 5 days to go.

This pair just started. Opening bid is $100.

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History in the Making

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all in a day’s work

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ad campaign photoshoot

disclaimer: my digital camera is quite mediocre






can you guess what company I work for?

I need love

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in the worst way.

” … When I be sittin in my room all alone, staring at the wall
Fantasies, they go through my mind..”


” … Maybe this is an experience that me and you can share
Clean and unsoiled yet sweaty and wet …

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The Abominable Snow Jam

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Never Ever [again] 21!

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I definitely endorse Forever 21. I’d never turn down a cheaper alternative to trendy impulse buys that will fall off their hanger and find a home on my closet floor in a few months. Still, I’m a faceless Internet lurker. I pretty much wont touch a Forever 21 store with a twenty foot pole. It’s an unforgiving mess from the door every single time at every location I’ve tried and I’m more convinced after today’s experience.

I walked around aimlessly for about ten minutes in the Roosevelt Field Mall spot. There wasn’t a single thing I found interesting enough and to say that it was crowded would be a gross understatement. The line at the register was 23 poseur fashionistas long when I entered. That should have served as a sign that customer service was truly lacking but on the way out I suffered an aha! moment spotting a faux fur vest on a mannequin set on a raised (read: unreachable unless I didn’t mind looking unforgivably fiendish) table and there had been none on the floor or I would have caught it earlier.

I am very proud of my discerning eye. I have found many a hidden treasure amidst the ‘garbage’ in thrift shops and Marshall’s alike. I very politely approached seven employees to inquire about the vest which unless I scrounged around the store checking every which way, over and under, they would not help and I could by no means buy it off of the mannequin.

Are you kidding me? The last one in the store? and I couldn’t have it? I have worked in various retail environments where that was pretty much an every day occurrence. Whatever happened to the customer is always right, anyway? It’s Christmas. I did another fruitless circle of the store and sulked my way out. Yes, I was sorely disappointed and what made it worse? There was another vest on the mannequin in the window taunting me. Are you serious?


Well, I returned thirty minutes later and promptly undressed the easier accessible mannequin in the window removing my reward.

It pays to funk etiquette, people.


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“I think it’s terribly fashionable to look like a terrorist …”

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I haven’t had an anthem in quite a while and this track is definitely doing it for me. Not because I was born and raised in Brooklyn, which I was. Nor is it because I love Jay Z and every now then throw up the Roc, which I do. It’s moreso because i’m on a serious hustle right now and as such, I go hard at all times. It’s nice to blast a little motivation during my morning shower.

I can’t say I know much about the Brooklyn Jay-Z describes save for a short stint living on Marcy Avenue when I was too young to remember . Oh, George’s giant speakers, late night reggae parties next door every night of Summer ’92. Jay I’m more Jamaican than you. Take your beef patty and cut it out with that accent! My current thoughts of Brooklyn include a personal quest to own a dope brownstone in Park Slope or trendy loft space in Williamsburg quite far from my humble beginnings. I’d never gone further than Myrtle Avenue on the ‘L’ until college though I took that train every single day for years. And I have total envy for the culture emerging there. The boys over at It’s The Real wanted to highlight that part of my favorite borough by showing us another side of whose really going hard right now and changing the scene in Brooklyn.

The awkward blond chick is definitely the stand out star of the whole thing.

Check it out here [because WordPress sucks]; it’s hilarious.

Since you had to click to see it, here’s another visual treat. Check out the actual video to the track … produced by Evan Roth, who said,

I’ve been turning down client requests to use Typographic Illustration for 5 years in hopes that one day the phone would ring and it would be Hova.

It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one. I’ve been turning down rappers for even longer than that in hopes that one day the phone would ring and Hov would ask me to star in one of his videos.

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The Way of Women

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lee_signI started my first internship at Shop Etc. Magazine in the summer of 2006. (My how time flies!) There were a wealth of labels and designers to familiarize myself with and the learning curve was huge! Plenty of new designers and brands that I had never heard of, I came to love and covet every day. I recall wrapping the most perfectly lush ivory scarf by Sportmax, a secondary spawn of Max Mara, around my neck every day for almost a month as I stripped garment bags and spent hours in the fashion closet.  I remember the other perfectly edited picks we had requested from the Italian company full of yummy chunky knits, lace, plaid, blazers, leather, wide legs, and earth tones galore … I needed, wanted, every single piece we requested for my  own closet. I longed to be a Sportsmax woman that winter. Now that I think of it, the collection was ahead of it’s season and would fit in rather nicely with this season’s most popular trends. Yet, I digress …

I discovered Way of Women today, a unique project supported by Sportmax and I’m not sure I quite understand the connection with the brand beyond the collection featured for Spring 2009 but their sponsorship of this venture is just another reason to love them. The scheme appears to create a story or identify the audience for what appears to be a noticeably younger, simpler line called Sportmax Code.

The site profiles the thoughts and banter of young women in creative fields such as art, music, photography, fashion, design, journalism, film, etc. who report on the world as they see it through short interviews and visual content. Thoughtful conversation related to the arts and culture between a group of smart, special women across the globe is certainly an interest of ours. We’ll be listening, watching, etc.

W-O-W is a space to promote the work and experiences of creative women.

W-O-W is a place where to find hints, advices, addresses and travel tips as seen by a woman’s point of view.

W-O-W is a web based magazine that will make use of interviews, features, audio and video contributions to tell authentic stories about being a woman in today’s world.


less than two days folks …

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betsey johnson spring 2008

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