carmen solomons

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Carmen Solomons is officially the face of anything we’re selling.

Relatively new to the model scene, we’ve uncovered competing stats about the South African girl of our moment – Carmen Solomons. She could be as young as 16 or as old as 22 according to some. And as far as we know she is she’s anywhere between 5’6″ and 5’9″ – short for a model regardless. We’re hoping she’s as tall as possible because she’s quite the vision and we want her to work. In our opinion, she could be the next Kate Moss or Irina Lazareanu runway anomaly. Highly versatile, she could do anything really … we think she’s the right look for a Victoria Secret’s Pink campaign but we hope she will walk some runways. Her beauty, however unusual or exotic, simply can not be ignored. First signed to Boss Models but now also represented by Storm Model Management, and Why Not … we know major recognition is just a matter of time.


Check out her video reel at Boss Models’ blog.



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Jeremy Scott x Adidas at Opening Ceremony

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 fethebloglogo_signWe knew we could depend on Opening Ceremony to carry a bit of the Jeremy Scott – Adidas collaboration and it’s available to order online via the new webstore. Even better. Once again (and we know we deserve a prize or honorable mention the way we peddle the Jeremy Scott name) Get it while you can!

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Posted in research by Staff on April 9, 2009

‘Nothing of me is original. I’m the combined effort of everybody I’ve ever known.”

– Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters

sarah silverman is officially a boy

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I love watching Bill Maher with the special. We sat to catch up on the last episode and I was a little bit surprised to see comedian Sarah Silverman. I always love the diversity of the panel and she’s a complete riot but never have I ever heard anything too deeply political from her worth remembering. Her voice and cantakerous boyish awkwardness always gets me. She mentioned something interesting and I proceeded to Google an explanation only to be surprised by a side of her you don’t usually see. And wow, what a poser!


Literally. She’s the new face of Band of Outsiders’ female line Boy and quite believably, ‘models’ the sophisticated prepster collection in their latest advertising campaign. Sara honestly looks incredible. We’re  definitely not laughing. She follows Michelle Williams and Kirsten Dunst who have previously modeled Boy collections for the brand.

have you been real?

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rw-logoI saw news regarding an upcoming casting in a certain city while perusing apartments on Craigslist. I thought i’d see if more info would surface on the web. I’ve been waiting on the livest ‘The Real World’ season since Hawaii. Get this, I was 14 when I was sneaking to watch then! The last season I paid moderate attention to was Las Vegas, I think. Actually, I remember watching a bit of the Key West season. Anyway, I am highly dissappointed that New York namely my borough of Brooklyn was undermined by the lamest castmates ever. Frankly, they make New York seem boring. That is hard to do. Depressing. I fondly remember the antics between Coral and Mike from the ‘Back to NY’ run. “Real” people – and in this day and age I acknowledge that word is used loosely – do check out information here and try out for the next season. At the very least, live in the dopest house you will probably ever live in your entire life and try out a new city. You know I don’t have any problems with that! I’d just love to know what casting is really like so fill me in if you do it!

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fethebloglogo_signWe love Opening Ceremony and it’s nouveau vintage funk. I always enjoy perusing through the Soho location here in NYC and we usually prefer to see the shit up close before dishing on the latest Chloe Sevigny. Every time without fail, we proceed to blush at the prices and resolve not to return for another three months. I have little self control in that place and when the cellphone goes off, shaking the wallet in my pocket to the quickening beat of my heart – I must have that! … and that! … and that. Truthfully though, I can’t even pretend to afford this stuff – I hurry out of there.


Opening Ceremony has finally opened an online shop and we’re pleased. Now we can stalk the goods without shamefully sulking out of the store. The new online shop is fun and does a good job maintaining the quirkiness we have grown to love about its brick-and-mortar predecessor. We love the simple styling but resent that we can’t find some of the footwear … those Dr. Marten red high heeled boots especially. With moving in mind, it’s good to know I can still get my O.C. fix.

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What Comes Around Goes Around

Posted in lunch money, research, Your Fashion Fix by Staff on January 25, 2009

is moving their famous vintage shop so they’re having a sale! This is something I will not miss. The selection here is usually amazing but considerably high priced! Let’s hear it for …

up to 75% off vintage stuff , new items added every week, greatest discounts during the last week of course.

What Comes Around Goes Around Collection up to 90% off

When: Wed, February 4 – Tue, February 24, 7 days a week 11am – 7pm

Where: 13 -17 Laight Street, 5th Floor, Buzzer # 28, 212.274.8340.

stay tuned

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An appearance by Tim Gunn is always entertaining. Apparently Michelle Obama made it work.  She’s sophisticated, polished, and comfortable in her own skin, he says. We at FE agree.  Yet, Robin Givhan made this commentary for me. She is one of the greatest in my opinion. She has inspired me so much over the years. As such, i’m also subscribed to the Washington Post. To finalize … as the world questioned my journalistic endeavors and scoffed at the subject of fashion … four word response. “Robin Givhan. Google her.”

Doing it like she’s NOT doing it for TV

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Clearly there is no amount of clever editing that can make Whitney Port’s life interesting enough for televison.


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Who’s that girl …?

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fethebloglogo_signI see you. My eyebrows raise at any inch of brown skin I notice perusing through editorials or ad campaigns. I can usually bet on an appearance by Chanel or Jourdan. Oh, let me not forget that Sessilee is running a mean modeling career as of late. Yet there a is a light sprinkle of newcomers everywhere and this girl – though she favors Arlenis and I had to take a longer look before I realized that she wasnt – is no exception.  Ariel Meredith isn’t truly new to the industry. She’s been around and gracing catwalks here and there for years but is enjoying a bit more buzz as models of color have risen to slightly greater recognition. During Spring-Summer 09 runway presentations last September, Ariel walked at Nicole Miller, Baby Phat, Milly, and Vera Wang to name a few and I now recall her from TRACE Magazine’s last “Black Girls Rule” issue. Her story doesn’t lack the up’s and down’s that we would expect. She took a year off from modeling to work on her body.  As a size 5 during her teen-aged high school years, she was advised that she was overweight by industry standards and found that she could not find work.

We love her response in her Q&A wit TRACE. Why does she rule?

” … because I’m me – fun! Fierce! Independent! (laid back at times) Strong Black Woman… Stays positive… Stays grounded… Good attitude… THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!”

We agree.

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Daddy’s Girls

Posted in homeroom, research by Staff on December 28, 2008

fethebloglogo_signAside from watching Gossip Girl faithfully, Law and Order (though I’ve seen every episode at this point) and home design series on HGTV are the rare occasions I turn on the television. Every now and then I hear something funny, an outfit catches my eye,  a commercial is particularly witty … or a show premieres that lends itself to inspiration, scrutiny, and a blog post or few. I  also often find myself flipping to superficially meaningless absurd shows that I’m really too good for merely for shock value. Maury is definitely my guiltiest pleasure.

Sundays seem excruciatingly worse than every other day. Attention out there media planners, television execs and the like. Sundays are an absolutely underrated treasure. The average American is just waiting to be lured by entertainment. Give us something! I’ve been begrudgingly watching The Run’s House marathon for three hours now and I just get a bit of kick out of it because they are probably the only small screen family to ever do the reality thing that I can actually identify with and it’s their antics at home that prove that they are down-to-earth.

The two sisters – Angela and Vanessa Simmons – are hosting the marathon which stuck out to me as they are usually my favorite personalities on the show; their youngest brother Russy is a very close competitor. The sisters’ love-hate relationship is fun and endearing. My siblings and I are very different and love each other to death but often bicker and haze each other when our opinions clash or just for a good laugh. Angela often steals the show with her outspoken, go-getter, rebel instincts and fashion background, she’s a fellow FIT alumnus and has ever-changing personal style. And if you’ve paid attention even a little bit over the past seasons, the two sisters have literally grown up on screen starting and still running to date, a successful sneaker/street wear line called Pastry. It’s easy to understand how they’ve landed their own spinoff MTV show, Daddy’s Girls, (check out the trailer!) that will follow them as they re-locate together to Los Angeles and try to find their way on their own.


Daddy’s Girls premieres January 5th at 10:30 PM.


MTV thinks Reality TV is like Sex

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Just when I started falling asleep during episodes of the Hills, MTV announces two more ridiculous spinoffs. Bromance … which you can google because we won’t wrap our brains around something so superbly stupid. I’m slightly more moved by the idea of the ‘The City’ starring Whitney Port.

Up until now we’ve appreciated Whitney as Lauren’s single ironically ‘normal’ friend who appeared to inherit her pseudo celeb status through sheer luck after going after an internship at Teen Vogue the normal, unscripted way. We can only speculate that her leggy, near-model stature … amazing blonde hair, and cute looks made good choice for television and that couldn’t have hurt her interview as Teen Vogue already knew they would be taping for televisio. Most interns starts out awkward and slightly ridiculous anyway so whatever works.

Check out the preview here.

As boring as this series looks, i’m giving it to this girl because I wish I had Kelly Cutrone on speed dial.

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Project Runway Finale SS 2009

Posted in research, Your Fashion Fix by Staff on September 10, 2008

I watched the first episode of Project Runway and and instantly selected my favorites; Leanne, Korto, and Jerell received my early approvals. Two episodes later, I had already fallen off. Is it just me or are these fashion based reality shows getting a bit redundant? I can’t tell you the last time I had any determined desire to catch any one of these series. Everything from The Hills, Project Runway, Style God, etc … it’s all so over dramatized, poorly advised; I’m not impressed. I loved The Hills at the time when I could relate to it the most. Whitney and Lauren were  wet-behind-the-ears, interns not a-million-dollars-a-season ‘actresses’ and viewers really got to see the details of what interning at a fashion magazine was like. I actually met Lauren and took a picture with her at the Yellow Fever Clothing runway show that very same year … September 2006. I can’t believe it was just a little over two years ago that I did my first magazine internship. She was playful and pretty inviting. An episode played out exactly like a day interning at Marie Claire and I found a strange smug comfort in seeing it all on the screen. I’d call my ex-boyfriend to watch just to explain how it was similar to what I was doing. We were in a long-distance relationship 3,000 miles wide and he naturally couldn’t understand the photo shoots or model sightings I raved about for three hours on the phone night after night.  I thought the likes of Kelly Cutrone would inject a bit of realness to The Hills this season; I was rooting for a comeback. Instead, she appears only slightly like the woman I knew as an intern at People’s Revolution the summer before last. That hard-ass woman I loved and feared!  Where is she?

Gossip Girl is as close to fashion inspired as I’m getting and I still think everyone is still more moved by Chuck Bass’ rebel sex appeal than they are by Blair and Serena’s outfit changes though we at FE are taking notes Jenny Humphrey! We can sense you’re about to pull the wool over our eyes and come with something BIG. We can only speculate but we know it’s coming.

Still, you have to admit there’s something uniquely romantic about Project Runway and the prize of a showing at Fashion Week for the top three or four or five as it has grown into currently. If there’s anything truly redeeming about the series is that single experience at Bryant Park. Plenty of designers  can barely dream of something like that. It’s amazing! Also, however manufactured  some of the drama is, the talent is all still their own and an appearance on Project Runway can potentially make you. Even if a contestant doesn’t win, a portfolio has been seen by the masses and you can end up starting your own line and outfitting C-list celebrities and self-absorbed teenagers planning lavish sweet sixteen celebrations! Money and recognition is always the same. I found this unusually cool video footage on the nyPost website highlighting the presentations and what the guests had to say which was a nice recap for me. My favorites made it all the way too! … though I was a bit underwhelmed by Jerell’s collection overall. Check it out!


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Alpinestars has launched a new women’s site … and I’ve been eager to check out new product from them for a while. They’re not so well known but I’m a definite fan. They have some terrific, adorable “cut and sew” pieces and you’d be well advised to pick up some stuff. It’s a great great brand that not everyone in the streets is rocking. I imagine they’ll eventually hit a huge following.

There something about the Crash jacket I really like. Check out a little something for yourself online here.

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