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nymag-thecut-sirianopaylessI meant to link NY Magazine’s ‘The Cut’ blog post describing the Christian Siriano for Payless collection but I know you all must have seen it somewhere or the other and drooled in your dreams just as I did. The footwear collection debuted on the runway at the presentation of his collection during Fashion Week and caused quite the stir that you’d expect when associating Payless with anything high end. It seems we were duped however. fethebloglogo_signRacked got an exclusive sneak peek at the pairs that made the final cut from runway to retail. While the prices are in the same range that they first announced (around $45) and will still arrive in stores in mid-August, they were far less the Rodarte rip – sans spikes, studs, and chains – that we found oh so cant-believe-it’s-Payless edgy. Is it wrong that I feel absoluted cheated? I’m not even sure i’m interested anymore. Take a look and tell me what you think. (more…)


Hellz Bellz: Spring-Summer 2009, Second Delivery

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fethebloglogo_signIt isn’t a secret that we’re all about Hellz Bellz around here at Funk Etiquette. We generally try to be equal opportunity but when it comes to ladies’ street wear, we picture ourselves as the ideal Hellz ‘belle’ or muse of sorts: we relish in our NYC bred grit and boast that we are tough as nails … freshly done acrylics that is – we also revel in our hair-done, high-heel swooning femininity.  We have a feeling the designer would agree with the Funk Etiquette mantra. We don’t let any one thing define our style but instinct and individuality.

Hellz™ presents the second installment of its Spring ’09 collection, Renegades of Funk, a tribute collection to the Electro-Sound of the 80’s in NYC. Paying homage to the string of electro 12″ records by Soul Sonic Force & Afrika Bambaataa including the label’s all time favorite, “Renegades of Funk,” which truly stood on its own without trying to sound (or not sound) like Planet Rock or Looking For The Perfect Beat. It was a song that was a beat of its own, a beat that the Hellz female can nod to! Adding color, to their often dark color palette, the new look came into fruition during a long day at work, when Renegades of Funk was on the tunes, inspiring a vibrant, cultural, funk style often synonymous to Bambaataa.

All this blasphemously good new stuff for the spring-summer season and I’m still piling up my pennies for the acid wash jacket I recently found on Karmaloop from the first delivery. Definitely gotta have that one and there’s this new Hellz x Coco tee that I obviously also need. Clearly, we can’t keep up!

“Now renegades are people with their own philosophy, they change the course of history…”                                                – Afrika Bambaataa, Renegades of Funk

I think we may have found our theme song.













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phillip lim 3.1 internship

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fethebloglogo_signBecause I seriously am wishing I was still in school and that I could ignore my grown up bills to follow my heart, i’m encouraging all of our able and interested readers to jump on this opportunity! I definitely wish I could. Phillip Lim is one of our favorites. Actually, I feel comfortable saying he’s number one right now, hands down for Spring ’09. Did you see the collection?  I’d likely walk a few miles to drop garments off for unappreciative editors and bleed, stand, lose sleep to be a part of whatever it is that keeps him going and the brand thriving because I love what they do. Listen to this if you share the sentiment.

3.1 Phillip Lim is currently seeking highly motivated interns for our press department for Spring/Summer 2009. Ideal candidate is dependable, detail-oriented, organized, and possesses the ability to manage multiple tasks and prioritize. He/she must also have good communication skills and phone etiquette.

As a press intern, your duties will include (but not be limited to):
– Assist with sample trafficking on a daily basis
– Update and maintain press books
– Maintain showroom appearance
– Assist with seasonal mailings of lookbooks & other marketing materials
– Assist in general office & administrative tasks
– Perform research as needed

– Proficiency in Microsoft Applications (Excel, Word, Outlook)
– Demonstrated verbal and written communication skills
– Available at least 2-3 days per week

Please e-mail a cover letter and resume to:
Trevor Tian,

This is a phenomenal opportunity if you’re interested in this business. Although I interned at two fashion magazines first, I supplemented that knowledge with press experience at Shine Media and People’s Revolution and it truly made a difference. Exciting, grueling but real. Go for it!

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fethebloglogo_signWe love Opening Ceremony and it’s nouveau vintage funk. I always enjoy perusing through the Soho location here in NYC and we usually prefer to see the shit up close before dishing on the latest Chloe Sevigny. Every time without fail, we proceed to blush at the prices and resolve not to return for another three months. I have little self control in that place and when the cellphone goes off, shaking the wallet in my pocket to the quickening beat of my heart – I must have that! … and that! … and that. Truthfully though, I can’t even pretend to afford this stuff – I hurry out of there.


Opening Ceremony has finally opened an online shop and we’re pleased. Now we can stalk the goods without shamefully sulking out of the store. The new online shop is fun and does a good job maintaining the quirkiness we have grown to love about its brick-and-mortar predecessor. We love the simple styling but resent that we can’t find some of the footwear … those Dr. Marten red high heeled boots especially. With moving in mind, it’s good to know I can still get my O.C. fix.

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February 1st, 2009 promised the launch of the eccentric collaboration between adidas Originals and Jeremy Scott. We mentioned it a little while ago but news of pricing for particular pieces have leaked and we’re settling on three important must haves.

  • The JS Wings sneaker should set us back $180 but we’re really very excited about the gold color way.
  • The zipper shirt is one size fits all and a hefty $85 for a tee but the dramatic zipper graphic is on trend yet artsy and unique.
  • We’ve coveted the Hooded Fleece Tux ever since we saw Keri Hilson rockin’ it in the ‘Knock You Down’ video. It’s $170!

The Fleece Leopard Hoodie, also one size fits all is a bit too much of a novely item to reconcile paying $180 for it. I’d just schlep around the house in it anyway or make the occasional laundromat or supermarket run. I can only imagine the looks but I’d love it!


Kirsten Dunst is a BOY

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Kirsten Dunst is the face for Boy by Band of Outsiders Spring 2009 lookbook. We really love Scott Sternberg’s ‘it girl’ following. His line is no fuss, no-nonsense, basic comfort pieces.

I’ve completely fallen for the hoodies, skirts, and tops which are feminine and sophisticated, business casual  .. our everyday stretchy knit kicked up a notch or two. Kirsten’s tousled downtime effortless panache is a perfect fit.


For a treat, check out footage of Kirsten in this slow motion reel of the collection after the jump. A second video we found also features Charles Hamilton and actor Max Minghella.


Kid Sister for Married to the Mob

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Married to the MOB has selected one of our favorite funkettes,  Kid Sister, to be the face of their Spring ‘09 collection and up their ante with an improved offering. You can expect the usual graphic tees and hoodies but also a new range of  denim, cardigans, and jackets, etc. You can check it out at their site and at Alife stores  on Feb. 1st.

A Peace Treaty Spring ’09

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We just thought we’d featured some new looks from one of our favorite accessory brands, A Peace Treaty, specializing in hand-crafted scarves. I swear by scarves no matter the season and these colorful designs are just what I was looking for. The brand is slowly but surely making a name for themselves and I have to admit, I’ve always appreciated their story – besties Dana Arbib and Farah Malik created their brand as a symbol of their friendship as a Libyan Jew and a Pakistani Muslim; they also employ craftspeople from these regions promoting humane initiatives.  They will present 3 collections for spring ’09:

Kilim “Like the traditional carpets that inspired them, Kilim scarves each take up to eight hours to craft. Motifs are first carved on woodblocks and then used to layer dyes onto fabrics.”

Niani “Handspun and hand-loomed sheer khaadi silk scarves are also dip dyed by hand allowing each piece to take on the entire color wheel and reinterpret tone and blend”

Gossypium “An ode to the boyfriend jean.This denim inspired line gets more comfortable with constant wear.”
A Peace Treaty scarves average anywhere between $75 to $100 each but are well worth the investment. You can probably tell they are stand out pieces in their own right and would make a great addition to a neutral outfit in need of a punch.

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all in a day’s work

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ad campaign photoshoot

disclaimer: my digital camera is quite mediocre






can you guess what company I work for?

A Christmas Treat

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Aren’t these some fresh editorials in the new January 2009 Vogue? Gorgeous! Chanel and Jourdan really have something special. Chanel’s facial expressions are always so fun and varied. Jourdan just exudes sophistication. You’d think she’s been doing this forever. I’m always happy to see them. More brown girls, please! Happy Holidays!

more after the jump


yet another must have Longchamp x Jeremy Scott Pliage Bag

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lee_signIt’s a marginally expensive shame that I’m obsessed with this particular designer handbage collaboration. And though, I must say … the gold card style will remain a tear-jerking loss … this lovely floral version is definitely more my speed. How neat is this rose-plane print? Apparently it was handed out to key guests at his last runway show. (People’s Revolution, hire me please!) It’s available at Colette (€175, $230) now for us normal folks and I can’t let this one go.longchamp-jeremy-scott-pliage-bag

less than two days folks …

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betsey johnson spring 2008

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Lauren Conrad College Tour

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For a moment I figured People’s Revolution was representing Lauren Conrad’s apparel line … because this news is pure genius! But, I did a bit of googling to find that it wasn’t so. She’s represented by Red Light PR in Los Angeles if it matters to any of you. PR Newsire reports that the ‘Hills’ star is peddling around her spring collection to a number of college campuses particularly in Austin, Atlanta, Boston, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles for a tour of sorts that will promote her fashion line. What a smart idea … totally honing in on an important section of the demographic that fills her loyal fanbase. The gimmick includes runway presentations featuring college students as models as well as a prize where one lucky winner will spend Fashion Week traipsing around with LC herself. I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by her stuff to date but I might be swayed if she appeared on my block campaigning her line like she was running for public office so I’m sure this will be a success. I have noted one or two pieces under her label that I wouldn’t mind owning but at their price point, I probably could search in the garment district for some fabric and sew the pieces myself; she currently offers a lot of jersey and knit as well as basic designs and silhouettes that beg of many of the not-of-her-own-design fashions she wears around town. Biting much? The actress recently admitted to wanting to leave her reality television series behind her so I suppose she’s focusing her energy on one of her other hustles. Either way, I think this is a keen marketing scheme and i’m curious to see how the collection performs in stores in a few months.

Just in case you need more info … (more…)

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Stussy Fall 2008

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We’re pretty much regulars on the Stussy site. And, we’re excited about some of these pieces for the ladies out of the Fall 2008 offerings. Stussy was one of the first mainstream street brands we rocked. They were voted president in the small class of men’s streetwear labels we’d tie at the side or snip here and there for a unique fit. At the time, Stussy pulled all sorts of underground cultures together with graphics that ‘sampled’ art, musical lyrics, etc. from all sorts of roots and sources with poignant motivations. The messages spoke volumes though short and sweet and they were one of the first to do it. We fell for it – hard. There was never a debate about street cred; Stussy walked in line with the Rocawears and Ecko’s and stood out … in a good way. It wasn’t until years later that I learned it was born out of Laguna Beach, California surf shop. Either way, they’ve grown tremendously from the first time I discovered them.

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Fashionably Google

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I’m obsessed with the iPhone but as i’m planning for a big move, i’m  obsessively saving.  Which sucks … particularly for a fashion and lifestyle blogger because the majority of our content relies on using a generous fraction of our own hard-earned funds. It’s not cheap trying to be a go-getter in NYC.

As reasonably priced as Apple made the iPhone … I simply can’t seem to close my eyes and pass the credit card. I’ve heard whispers of complaints and discontent and I refuse to be that reckless but I’m certainly bitter. Did you iPhoners download the application? I was so jealous when I saw that feature. Now, I’m even more so after hearing this news.

Google is offering users a chance  to choose from a handful of fashionable iGoogle themes created by some of our favorite designers like Stella McCartney, Anna Sui, Burberry, Betsey Johnson and many more just in time for Fashion Week, the fashion world’s version of Hannukah occuring right now at Bryant Park. That’s what I call chic for us web savvy tech geeks.

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Hellz Bellz Fall 2008 Collection

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The New Hellz Bellz Fall 2008 Collection is shipping out to a store a near you now! The pieces, inspired by Punk Rock Movie, a film documentary about the punk rock movement in 1977 contains the usual dope graphic tees and sweatshirts we expect and love from the streetwear brand. This time around there are even more cut and sew pieces including jackets, blouses and even bottoms – jeans, leggings, and skirts. This is such a complete lifestyle collection. Images of the first part of the lookbook are are available here.

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Shawty is a Ten!

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The Hundreds, a popular men’s streetwear brand just launched the latest Fall-Winter lookbook for TENS, their spinoff ladies line. You can expect a selection of interesting graphic tees, long-sleeved graphic v-necks and a couple choice hoodies. It’s just okay as far as i’m concerned. I’m not feeling the heavy branding, Tens logo everywhere but the smoking lips tee is pretty clever. They released stock yesterday and these picks are available at The Hundreds LA and The Hundreds SF. Photography by Paul Sun and The Social Trust.

Images continue after the jump.


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Married to the Mob Fall 2008

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lee_signI seriously can’t wait until the fall. I’m not the biggest fan of sun. I like to be covered up more than I like cut off shorts and tank tops. I love tights and layering. I have a thing for peacoats and funky scarves. I liked to be tightly wrapped, not exposed. Let’s blame it on leaving something for the imagination.

I’ve never been much turned on by streetwear brand Married to the Mob. I really loved their name, the clever play on words that originally had me intrigued. I also found myself obsessed for a while with their Colette/Reebok sneaker collab. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my size 9 feet into an available pair for my life! Their t-shirt designs however haven’t been all that unique or special in my opinion but I’m excited to spend a bit more money on clothing this season re-vamping my wardrobe. What recession? I’m definitely finding it hard to penny-pinch when so many clothing lines are looking better than ever; MTTM is no exception. They’ve most oficially stepped up their game into an entire lifestyle brand with sweatshirts, denim jean pants, and a crazy pair of leggings I WILL indeed be picking up. Check out more pictures after the jump.


Video: MadeMe New York 2008

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I first got a real idea of streetwear brand, MadeMe by Erin Magee when I visited Pitch Control PR almost a year ago. They represent some fantastic clients and I particularly love the work they do in conjunction with Karmaloop! MadeMe has some great product planned for Fall 2008. The 80’s retro look is STILL going strong. There’s something very Madonna ‘Like a  Virgin’ era glam and MadeMe has created a mini-film by Reid van Renesse to set the tone for some amazing ‘Material Girl’ nights out!


10Deep SS08 Lookbook

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I’ve been doing a lot of research regarding streetwear brands for work and over the last month I’ve become nearly obsessive about the brand 10Deep. I’d have added a whole 10Deep section to my wardrobe already if I wasn’t thrifting due to poverty. Nevertheless, I was doing my daily scan of the site when I was surprised by the brand new Summer 08 Lookbook. I’m loving it. It’s titled “Party While You’re Still Living” which is very fitting and certainly my mantra for this summer. It looks like it takes place in some dope mini backyard waterpark … apparently in the suburbs of Jersey according to the writeup. (Mental note: When I strike it big, I’m going to have one of those.) I love the no frills, home grown point of view of the photography. Looks like the 10Deep crew grabbed some samples from the new Black Palms Collection and threw a party in their own honor. I’m sure it was a whole lot of fun. Can I be invited next time? What’s more are the ladies. There’s a handful of fly chicks rocking a few selections. 10Deep cut for curves? I dig it. The Fall lookbook was totally for the boys.

The collections ships this week so retailers should be freshly stocked in no time. Check pics from the look book after the jump.


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