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fethebloglogo_signI won’t front. I’m still an Apple head and proud of it. Don’t judge. There are those who think less of me because I’m extremely jaded but maybe now he’ll realize that I’m open to the possibilities. I’ve been excited about this lovely gadget since I first laid eyes on it and reported back to you all about it’s appearance on the runways and some of what the designer had to say about her latest project. Months later, I’m still intrigued and as I continue to torture my current laptop under the pressure of a bustling New York City daily commute and blogging on-the-go, I consistently re-visit the idea of owning one of these. Better yet, there are very stylish accessories! The tote is great. We’ve also seen a very adorable travel sized wireless mouse on enGadget or some other techno blog and the scarf is gorgeous on it’ s own.

A little bit of stalking every now and then via Google Reader led to news about a month ago regarding a giveaway in Singapore! There’s worldwide interest in it! We’d really like to see this thing up close and it seems like an opportunity is now!

New York City’s flagship Macy’s presents a fantastic Flower Show annually celebrating the arrival of spring and of course the greenery, topiaries, trees, and blossoms that come with it. The show includes examples from all around the world. It was canceled last year but has returned for 2009 under the headline of “Dream in Color’. You can check it out starting April 5th. An event like this one seems just as extraordinary as a runway show to present our product of the moment. The floral peony print fits right in. HP will sponsor three peony gardens that will especially feature the Vivienne Tam mini computer as high-fashion digital couture. Way better catchphrase then our ‘techno-chic’ I think. There will also be special displays during April at Macy’s stores in Chicago, Minneapolis, New York City, San Francisco and Philadelphia. We intend on getting a closer look and feel and tell you what we think.



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fethebloglogo_signWho knew? … the 23rd day turned out to be one sunnier than New Yorkers have seen in many months. The wind carressed the soul rather than blow it away and a store grows in SoHo – where empty storefronts have visually darkened an already economically depressed retail landscape. I attempted to work – that counts. But, bit the dust three hours later and as such I am posting from underneath my favorite blanket propped up by seven pillows in my candle-lit bedroom. Depression ambience, I know. Sue me. I’m about to roll over and sleep the rest of the day away and it’s only noon.

They say entrance into Topshop is currently involving a two hour wait and a trek two city blocks long – we’ll pass.

Catch you later.

A friend who enjoyed VIP shopping access yesterday evening did report fantastic news however. Yes, the pickings are just as decent as we expected – Duh! Even more, those Emma Cook booties we were swooning after made a confident appearance in gotta-have-the gray and white. You already know that while I couldn’t make it today, i’m not staying away for too long! Gotta scoop those.

Update: The Emma Cooks were tragically sold out by closing. I am now boycotting the place. See you when I see you.

It ain’t easy bein’ a Dimepiece

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fethebloglogo_signOver at the Dimepiece website today, I found a lot of goodies worth sharing. The Spring 2009  collection entitled ‘Plastic City‘ has been announced and the lookbook is up. It’s just as impressive as we expected. Take a look for yourself. These girls have a really keen eye. They are doing their own thing and we’re paying considerable attention. Considering that we are loyal [Hellz] Bellz over here, we have to admit the girls over at Dimepiece are stiff competition. Our pockets are officially itching.

We also noticed a little frustration at their News blog section, updated with images of Kill City product that bear a very unsettling likeness to the brand’s own ‘LA leggings’. We definitely appreciate our fair share of copycats though some might say it’s bad etiquette … particularly when some $2,392,374,623,947 designer style is made more accessible through a certain chain store … cough Forever 21 cough H&M. We usually turn our noses up for a second, then run out to claim the prize. However, Kill City we don’t believe you. You need more people. These ‘GPS leggings’ are knocks off in the worst way and don’t stand up. They’re obviously on sale available in every single size because they are second rate. And, we hate to put you on blast because your jeans are killer!

The take home message though is that the people are feeling it and you know what they say … imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Dimepiece’s design had long ago sold out. By the time I  even decided to inquire further, they were gone. Besides, i’ve never even been to Los Angeles I figured. I’m a New Yorker born and raised.

We’re way excited because the girls spilled that a New York pair is in the works for Fall ’09! The fashion gods heard our prayers. We are so down. 

Oh yeah, Kill City can kill themselves immediately.

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the wheels on topshop go ’round and round

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fethebloglogo_signThree more days ’til Topshop opens in Soho.

For real this time too; the buzz is intense.

This is one heck of a stimulus plan if I could declare one. The streets are talking. Considering the retail tip-toeing Americans have been doing, we sure are glad the British are coming and promising quite the party.

Gimmicks aplenty and guerilla marketing planned, the Topshop Heartschallenger Vans – clever renditions of the ice-cream trucks iconic to the start of a New York summer – will roll around the city giving out free goodie bags! Get yours!

Topshop plans to report their whereabouts in real time on the official site via GPS tracker and updates on Twitter.  Where was this technology when YSL was doing the very same thing? Clearly, Topshop means business.

Here are planned locations for today.

12:20 PM — Van#1 at Columbia (535 W 116th Street, bet Broadway & Amsterdam)                                            Van#2 at Parsons (5th Ave & 13th Street)

2:30 PM — Van#1 Nightingale Bamford School (92nd Street bet. 4th & Madison Aves)                                    Van#2 at Pratt (144 W 14th Street, bet. 6th & 7th Aves)

3:45 PM — Van#1 at The Spence School (22 East 91st Street, bet. 5th and Madison Aves)                                Van#2 at The Fashion Institute of Technology (27th Street & 7th Ave)

Apparently,  a very Gossip Girl set and design students are the focus for the day but they’ll be continuing this promotion until the opening so there will be plenty more opportunities to track them down.


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as last-season as these booties are, i always feel the same sense of awe and admiration when i stumble upon them. they aren’t chaotic or utterly avant garde – i don’t think they are trying to be – but bold and fearless just the same.  can the woman donning these be anything but a force to be reckoned with? … though her name would be soft and thoughtful like Ariella. $862 lying around? that’s a steal sale. he should have sat these on my lap before he broke my heart. i would feel strong and brand new just sitting quietly in these and I would have taken it easy on him; these shoes are half a battle. they put up a serious fight.

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“He’s always asking: ‘Is that new? I haven’t seen that before.’ It’s like, Why don’t you mind your own business? Solve world hunger. Get out of my closet.”

girl, you’re our best friend.

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carine roitfield revealed on cnn

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You might remember our mentioning a few days ago, a tidbit we received notice of about CNN videographers following around French Vogue’s Carine Roitfield at Fashion Week. It was rumored and confirmed that she was being taped and interviewed for an official feature and we updated you all about when you could catch it. We weren’t sitting in front of the television in time for the first showing but it’s all up for viewing on the CNN site here. There are also ‘Revealed’ features profiling Diane Von Furstenberg and Venus Williams. We tried to embed it here directly to no avail. We do plan to watch again on our 60″ when it re-airs. The woman is humble with a genuinely simple heart. She’s brilliant!

Another treat? In the video you’ll watch Carine discussing with her colleagues which of Mario Sorrenti’s photography of Scarlett Johansson should be selected for the April cover feature. We just saw the new cover elsewhere and approve their final choice. Frankly, we adore French Vogue’s minimalist chic aesthetic. Give us more!

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sarah silverman is officially a boy

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I love watching Bill Maher with the special. We sat to catch up on the last episode and I was a little bit surprised to see comedian Sarah Silverman. I always love the diversity of the panel and she’s a complete riot but never have I ever heard anything too deeply political from her worth remembering. Her voice and cantakerous boyish awkwardness always gets me. She mentioned something interesting and I proceeded to Google an explanation only to be surprised by a side of her you don’t usually see. And wow, what a poser!


Literally. She’s the new face of Band of Outsiders’ female line Boy and quite believably, ‘models’ the sophisticated prepster collection in their latest advertising campaign. Sara honestly looks incredible. We’re  definitely not laughing. She follows Michelle Williams and Kirsten Dunst who have previously modeled Boy collections for the brand.

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We did the grueling internships before MTV hooked Lauren Conrad up with a stint at Teen Vogue where she rustled through clothing on racks but mainly lamented about boyfriends and sucky best friends. Not reality in the slightest. We were dragging ridiculously heavy garment bags to 62 Grand and delivering hundreds of invitations by hand and on foot before Whitney Port even knew who Kelly Cutrone was. We gave away more than a few Friday nights and would have given up our life … our love is true and unwavering but that’s REAL life. While ‘reality’  these days are filled with ‘Lala Land’ delusions, the truth is the publishing world is dying and you have to donate a vital organ to the cause, know people, or be pigeons-poop-on-me-daily lucky to land an assistant job anywhere. We gave up just last week and have secret plans of skipping town entirely. Especially since we watch publications fold up,  stores and brands close and die on a daily basis. It’s depressing. I’ll fill you in soon.

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1992 presents a pegleg ceremony

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badgallashwaterproof19usI’m aware that the recommended lifetime of mascara is something like 3-6 months but I never have the discipline to use mine daily and as such, my favorite is going on eight months old and it isn’t done.  I really love this stuff though. I don’t go out without a quick application. It truly reveals, evenly spread full lashes I had no idea existed and dries quickly so I don’t really experience much smearing. I’d like to avoid some heinous eye infection so it’s definitely time to re-stock. I once got the worst infection when I first started  wearing contact lenses so I’m sensitive about that sort of thing. Ifethebloglogo_sign have also become faithful to spectacles and own about ten different styles that range from geek chick to a colorful pink, purple, and teal kindergarten style that usually makes people smile. I’m definitely a long time fan of Bad Gal Lash. Mine isn’t the waterproof kind. I’m going to try it and see if it makes much of a difference. I always hear waterproof mascaras are hard to remove and turn into a goop-like gelatin consistency that must look pretty rough the morning after?

make you change your perspex-tive

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fethebloglogo_signMy boss lady and I spent the morning drooling over the Chanel coverage in WWD and then focused our attention to the collection look by look on Style.com. Chanel’s aesthetic never changes. Karl Lagerfeld always impresses me. The black-and-white, the knitwear, wool, tweed, boucle, intricate beading, the ultra-luxe femininity but ne’er forget the neck breaking power suit. Will I ever own one of these? I die as we flip through each one. I once caught an older woman on the subway in hers and nearly fell out of my chair. Perfection at any age. Karen Elson opened the show. Google her. I know i’m not the only one that appreciates his fetishy rosettes, ruffles and bow touches. Those do it for me. A Chanel woman is forever young … like the dimpled smirk on a successsful woman. I’d like to also take a moment to spotlight those full sweeping trousers. As I scour my favorite stores in search of the perfect wide leg pant, I shall remember these. You know what to expect and yet there is great innovation and creativity. Karl’s novelty see-through handbag (pictured above) called the Perspex is a cheery play on the brief case, made of what appears to the be the plastic casing one would likely find in a toy store, it is as hugely functional as it is flamboyant revealing compartments for the epic Chanel quilted leather clutch, a Chanel perfume bottle, Chanel iPod, eyeglasses, Chanel lipstick and more.

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keep for the spring and summer

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I love Keep’s soft footwear. We see the epitome of a warm weather canvas shoe – simple and stylish go anywhere items featuring clever designs that can bear the brunt of a devilish, fun-filled  summer with little fuss. The first styles of the Spring 2009 collection are trickling in on their online shop and we’re in love with The Homer especially the watermelon design. I’ll take two of those please. The Ramos high ankle fit is fun. Gingham screams July.

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mtv’s revival of house of style

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I don’t truly understand television’s persistent fascination with all things fashion and I can say I’m over it but MTV is churning out another fashion dandy, this time NOT a reality show (thank you!) but a revival of House of Style, the ’90s era show that was hosted by the likes of Cindy Crawford, Amber Valletta, and Shalom Harlow.

I found some footage of the namesake show on youtube and i’m a bit more interested in what they might have going on here. MTV also followed Jessica Stam around during Fashion Week so it seems they may be focusing on a more legit view of the industry. We can certainly appreciate that!

We’ve heard little bits about this show here and there but in conversation with Glamour Magazine it seems Chanel may have confirmed speculation, the magazines titles her as cohost of MTV’s House of Style.  The American Icons spread that she appears in with various celebrities is pretty cool also. Check it out! Lindsay Lohan as Madonna and Alexis Bledel as Rosie the Riveter are our favorites. Of course we appreciate they’ve picked a co-host of color. And though many perceive models as mere mannequins, Chanel Iman has a bubbly, charismatic personality from the footage I’ve seen and I’m excited for her. I might have preferred Jourdan Dunn; she’s also a quirky cutie with the best English accent ever (i’ve always wanted one) but she’s not American and we’re rooting for the USA on this throwback.

Similarly, Coco Rocha made love to the cameras during fashion week serving as spokeswoman and interviewer for various outlets … or so we’ve read. We would have liked her a lot and Bar Rafaeli is relatively unknown but we’ll leave casting to the professionals while we wait for the debut.

have you been real?

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rw-logoI saw news regarding an upcoming casting in a certain city while perusing apartments on Craigslist. I thought i’d see if more info would surface on the web. I’ve been waiting on the livest ‘The Real World’ season since Hawaii. Get this, I was 14 when I was sneaking to watch then! The last season I paid moderate attention to was Las Vegas, I think. Actually, I remember watching a bit of the Key West season. Anyway, I am highly dissappointed that New York namely my borough of Brooklyn was undermined by the lamest castmates ever. Frankly, they make New York seem boring. That is hard to do. Depressing. I fondly remember the antics between Coral and Mike from the ‘Back to NY’ run. “Real” people – and in this day and age I acknowledge that word is used loosely – do check out information here and try out for the next season. At the very least, live in the dopest house you will probably ever live in your entire life and try out a new city. You know I don’t have any problems with that! I’d just love to know what casting is really like so fill me in if you do it!

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British ‘It’ girls Peaches Geldof and Daisy Lowe mash up with models, Eliza Cummings, Portia Freeman, Eden Clark, and Amy Greenhough in a set of compromising situations for an editorial shot by Steven Meisel for W Magazine. The shoot entitled Law & Order features the socialite beauties in “abreviated evening looks” set behind bars. The location set the stage for feigned delinquent antics and catfights taking the bad girl look  everyone seems fascinated with beyond the motorcyle jacket-girly dress mix of the hipster variety to a luxe edgy chic.

See the entire editorial here.

What’s up Doc?

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drmartenshighheeledbootbrownsfethebloglogo_signI e-mailed the fingernails off of Buki Fadipe at Brown’s Fashion until I got some attention. He or she tried to slide right over my request. You fail at your job, by the way. How about trying to make your company more money? I must own these Darcie heeled Dr. Marten’s immediately. I dare these customer service advisors at online boutiques to ignore me. Do your funkette job! I will blow up your inbox until I receive the appropriate attention or response. The pulldown menu to select sizes has had errors for days on this item and I was more than itching to enter my credit card information before I caught my senses! I began to dream of holding these bad boys in my hands, the fresh out of the box smell … I couldn’t wait to lace them just up right. This purchase was going to make up for the rude Dr. Martens USA site that puts things on sale for one day then discontinues the style and replaces the product with its ugly twin sibling. I’ll have to pass on the chunky sole Doc. To each their own. I had to muddle around the internet to find them on Online Shoes. At a 40% discount, I couldn’t complain;  I was all smiles … that was until I found out my size was sold out.

I don’t care about this and that and sold out and such. Lies. They still appear on the site. Buki Fadipe, find me the last box of size 7’s in the warehouse and you can be our best friend!

I’ll be there

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