half an amber rose, on the rocks please.

Posted in detention, plagiarism, raise your hand by Staff on April 11, 2009

cassie_aprhrb cassie_aprhra

“Sometimes in life, you need a change,” she Twitters.

“Something deeper than what you thought you were capable of …

Something that displays the ‘I don’t give a f—‘ attitude that was always present, but never showcased …

Something that will shock your mother, but make her call you a ROCK STAR.”

We can sorta appreciate the rebel tone and deep message but this baldy screams more like Britney Spears pre-breakdown … not even half the haute of Amber Rose’s shine. Maybe if she went all the way? I don’t know … Truly, at this point we’ve seen it all. Kelis, Kesh, J Davey … And, for some reason, this girl Alice Dellal gets the same exact high fashion ROCK STAR coiffure right but Cassie doesn’t quite do it … for us anyway. She may not be a bad ass but she’s still a flawless beauty. So darn gorg! We’ll continue to hate on that.

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