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Posted in art class by Staff on September 29, 2008

Colette invites the ladies out there with a passion for Lomography to send them snapshot pictures chronicling life from the female perspective with their Diana cameras. The best photos, along with stories describing the sentiments behind them will be published in an exclusive limited-edition book to be titled “Dianalogues: Through A Women’s Lens” and packaged along with the camera in stores. 10 lucky women will be chosen from the submissions and join ten other female personalities already relatively well known for embodying unique female perspectives and creative expression including FE faves Claw Money and Fafi. How crazy would it feel to be featured in a book alongside these amazing women?

I’ve always been intrigued by the Austrian company and the unusually exposed photos their cameras boast that have a feeling of perfect accident – the outcome of a shaky photographer’s hand during an intoxicatingly fun night. I know I’m not the only one almost tempted to run out and buy a Diana now. I’m so sure that idea didn’t cross anyone’s mind in marketing either. The contest ends on October 7. Go here for more information.


Karl Lagerfeld x Steiff Teddy Bear

Posted in Your Fashion Fix by Staff on September 19, 2008

We chose not to mention this collaboration when we first heard about it. Of all the ridiculous things Lagerfeld has done with himself lately … like posing for a magazine wearing a Billionaire Boys Club jacket,  chain-adorned Phat Farm baggy jeans and Adidas sneakers referencing rap as an inspiration, even selecting Jay Z as the next face of Fendi … we had enough shock value to last us quite some time. We refused to entertain some Build-A-Bear like toy project he’s involved in with Steiff, the German toy company. Now that we see images of the teddy bear we think it’s really pretty chic as much as a plush toy can be anyway …. but at 1000 Euros and $1500 at stores like Barney’s and Bergdorf Goodman, this is one exclusive release Colette was first to boast about that we’re not drooling for. The teddy bear, clearly set to be a collector’s item was created with older kids … teenagers in mind as consumers. It rocks the iconic black suit and sunglasses central to Lagerfeld’s image … right to the white buttoned up shirt with the uptight high collar.

ps: check this treat out.

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Video: Leah McSweeny of Married to the Mob

Posted in Your Fashion Fix by Staff on June 13, 2008

Married to the Mob is bringing it for the Fall. Can I stress this enough? They are definitely doing it MOB style and intend to bury the competition. MOB’s HBIC Leah McSweeny breaks it down for us in the above video with BKRW. She also discusses her sneaker collaboration with Colette. And, you get a pretty nice idea of some of her likes, dislikes, and a glimpse of her natural personality.

She discusses the full collection which features everything you can ask for …. denim, tops, accessories, et al and is testament to the enormous growth they’re experiencing. We’re not talking about just slogan t-shirts anymore. Please take note.

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An acessory that deserves some credit

Posted in do the math, hell yes by Staff on June 1, 2008

I love Jeremy Scott! I am definitely one that accepts his vision as it is and can’t stand the naysayers. He’s daring, youthful, totally revolutionary, and steadily prevails while the world around him is hatin’ … it all essentially screams ” Do your own thing and funk etiquette, yo!” so you already know he’s perfectly our style. I got a kick out of interning at People’s Revolution last summer and checking out his new collections before everyone else. People’s Revolution Public Relations represents some of the most inspiring brands including Longchamp. Their Pliage tote was a staple at my boarding school and as far as I’m concerned … normally reeks of upper class snobbishness but Jeremy has given it a fresh and fun jolt of his influence in collaboration before. What a smart move on Longchamp’s part. I lusted after the bag with the all over ‘Stomp’ print for so long. Never got it, of course. This time, however, he’s gone ahead and created a head turner that fits right in with the Longchamp aesthetic using the image of the ‘gold card’, embellished with his signature. It’s available at Colette if you’re interested.

Where’s the MOB Colette?

Posted in hell yes, homeroom, lunch money by Staff on May 25, 2008

A sneakerhead friend of mine and I were definitely arguing about the details of this collaboration today. I still haven’t gotten a chance to purchase the Mob X Colette X Reebok collabo kicks and I’m suffering from scoop withdrawal. So what’s the real deal? Only 350 pairs were made globally and are all SOLD OUT at Married to Mob (apparently it only took 20 minutes on the website for the 50 pairs in stock to disappear) and Colette (in France). So, basically he argued that they were no more. Impossible! The remaining 100 pairs will allegedly be available at ALife NYC, ALife Vancouver, & ALife LA! Don’t know when but with anticipation like this, I’m keeping my eyes ears open. Can’t sleep on it. Let you know when I know something.

Posted in Your Fashion Fix by Staff on March 17, 2008

The Moment Blog (nytimes.com) recently showed this preview of the Reebok Freestyle that [Sarah] Colette designed along with the crew at Married to the Mob. The white sneaker will feature Married to the Mob’s trademark lip icon on the leather upper and on the sole of the sneakers. Sneakers are schedule to drop sometime in April.

More as I hear it …