Posted in Your Fashion Fix by Staff on May 15, 2009

topshop_treggingI’ll admit. We get pretty excited when we receive ‘Topshop Style Notes’ updates in our inboxes. As expected, today’s mail inspired immediate reaction. This and this found a home in a our shopping basket. Most importantly we were amused by fresh terminology. Topshop has taken responsibility in coining ‘jeggings’ the new name for the jean or denim leggings invention, a cotton, polyester, spandex mix … in essence, the skinniest of skinny jeans or the stretchiest of stretch jeans.

Maybe it’s a British term in general, we remember spotting these ‘floral jeggings’ at ASOS back in March; twice a trend. Clearly maximum comfort is in mind for summer. We’ll cosign I guess … we like that they won’t get baggy after a wear or two and bunch up at the knees but these are a bit too expensive in our opinion, at $70 when I’ve been ogling a pair at Zara for $39.90. fethebloglogo_signI don’t know if we’re quite ready to make jeggings a part of our lingo but we found a bit of humor in Topshop’s initiative. They also described this pair as the Indigo Knitted ‘Tregging‘.  We aren’t embarassed to say that we don’t get the origins of the prefix used there. Trousers maybe?

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