Posted in honor roll, raise your hand, Your Fashion Fix by Staff on June 4, 2009


Oh Mary Kate, we truly appreciate your swagger. We never ever thought of judging you. 

topshop-dress-500x500Not once. We chalked your oldest absurdities to simple lapses in judgement. We all have them. We’re with you when you must be wondering … can’t a celebrity catch a break? You’ll always get one from us … both when our mouths hang wide open in shock … or in admiration. Like now, for instance. We just caught a glimpse of you and your sister at the Los Angeles premiere of the Hangover. We just love that you’re rockin’ Topshop on any red carpet. You can be our best friend. Continue to keep it real; that printed dress was a nice choice. We also had our eyes on it. It might be our new life in San Francisco finally creepin’ up on me, but those round glasses are a hippie haute we can appreciate. We must find a similar pair of those for many a Bay area music festival. Of course we would like to borrow that Lori Rodkin ring sometime but we’re sure you don’t lend your twenty thousand dollar accessories to just anyone. We wouldn’t either. We can’t identify that other bracelet-ring combo but we’ll settle for taking that one off your hands. Just thought you should know you remain on our radar even if we don’t always mention you.