mtv’s revival of house of style

Posted in Your Fashion Fix by Staff on March 6, 2009

I don’t truly understand television’s persistent fascination with all things fashion and I can say I’m over it but MTV is churning out another fashion dandy, this time NOT a reality show (thank you!) but a revival of House of Style, the ’90s era show that was hosted by the likes of Cindy Crawford, Amber Valletta, and Shalom Harlow.

I found some footage of the namesake show on youtube and i’m a bit more interested in what they might have going on here. MTV also followed Jessica Stam around during Fashion Week so it seems they may be focusing on a more legit view of the industry. We can certainly appreciate that!

We’ve heard little bits about this show here and there but in conversation with Glamour Magazine it seems Chanel may have confirmed speculation, the magazines titles her as cohost of MTV’s House of Style.  The American Icons spread that she appears in with various celebrities is pretty cool also. Check it out! Lindsay Lohan as Madonna and Alexis Bledel as Rosie the Riveter are our favorites. Of course we appreciate they’ve picked a co-host of color. And though many perceive models as mere mannequins, Chanel Iman has a bubbly, charismatic personality from the footage I’ve seen and I’m excited for her. I might have preferred Jourdan Dunn; she’s also a quirky cutie with the best English accent ever (i’ve always wanted one) but she’s not American and we’re rooting for the USA on this throwback.

Similarly, Coco Rocha made love to the cameras during fashion week serving as spokeswoman and interviewer for various outlets … or so we’ve read. We would have liked her a lot and Bar Rafaeli is relatively unknown but we’ll leave casting to the professionals while we wait for the debut.


have you been real?

Posted in homeroom, research by Staff on March 4, 2009

rw-logoI saw news regarding an upcoming casting in a certain city while perusing apartments on Craigslist. I thought i’d see if more info would surface on the web. I’ve been waiting on the livest ‘The Real World’ season since Hawaii. Get this, I was 14 when I was sneaking to watch then! The last season I paid moderate attention to was Las Vegas, I think. Actually, I remember watching a bit of the Key West season. Anyway, I am highly dissappointed that New York namely my borough of Brooklyn was undermined by the lamest castmates ever. Frankly, they make New York seem boring. That is hard to do. Depressing. I fondly remember the antics between Coral and Mike from the ‘Back to NY’ run. “Real” people – and in this day and age I acknowledge that word is used loosely – do check out information here and try out for the next season. At the very least, live in the dopest house you will probably ever live in your entire life and try out a new city. You know I don’t have any problems with that! I’d just love to know what casting is really like so fill me in if you do it!

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Daddy’s Girls

Posted in homeroom, research by Staff on December 28, 2008

fethebloglogo_signAside from watching Gossip Girl faithfully, Law and Order (though I’ve seen every episode at this point) and home design series on HGTV are the rare occasions I turn on the television. Every now and then I hear something funny, an outfit catches my eye,  a commercial is particularly witty … or a show premieres that lends itself to inspiration, scrutiny, and a blog post or few. I  also often find myself flipping to superficially meaningless absurd shows that I’m really too good for merely for shock value. Maury is definitely my guiltiest pleasure.

Sundays seem excruciatingly worse than every other day. Attention out there media planners, television execs and the like. Sundays are an absolutely underrated treasure. The average American is just waiting to be lured by entertainment. Give us something! I’ve been begrudgingly watching The Run’s House marathon for three hours now and I just get a bit of kick out of it because they are probably the only small screen family to ever do the reality thing that I can actually identify with and it’s their antics at home that prove that they are down-to-earth.

The two sisters – Angela and Vanessa Simmons – are hosting the marathon which stuck out to me as they are usually my favorite personalities on the show; their youngest brother Russy is a very close competitor. The sisters’ love-hate relationship is fun and endearing. My siblings and I are very different and love each other to death but often bicker and haze each other when our opinions clash or just for a good laugh. Angela often steals the show with her outspoken, go-getter, rebel instincts and fashion background, she’s a fellow FIT alumnus and has ever-changing personal style. And if you’ve paid attention even a little bit over the past seasons, the two sisters have literally grown up on screen starting and still running to date, a successful sneaker/street wear line called Pastry. It’s easy to understand how they’ve landed their own spinoff MTV show, Daddy’s Girls, (check out the trailer!) that will follow them as they re-locate together to Los Angeles and try to find their way on their own.


Daddy’s Girls premieres January 5th at 10:30 PM.


MTV thinks Reality TV is like Sex

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Just when I started falling asleep during episodes of the Hills, MTV announces two more ridiculous spinoffs. Bromance … which you can google because we won’t wrap our brains around something so superbly stupid. I’m slightly more moved by the idea of the ‘The City’ starring Whitney Port.

Up until now we’ve appreciated Whitney as Lauren’s single ironically ‘normal’ friend who appeared to inherit her pseudo celeb status through sheer luck after going after an internship at Teen Vogue the normal, unscripted way. We can only speculate that her leggy, near-model stature … amazing blonde hair, and cute looks made good choice for television and that couldn’t have hurt her interview as Teen Vogue already knew they would be taping for televisio. Most interns starts out awkward and slightly ridiculous anyway so whatever works.

Check out the preview here.

As boring as this series looks, i’m giving it to this girl because I wish I had Kelly Cutrone on speed dial.

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