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Mark Hunter ‘The Cobra Snake’ recently opened his own vintage e-shop. I’d tell you my picks but we have a feeling this new side hustle of his is going to take off in no time. Race you to the check out.

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fethebloglogo_signWho knew? … the 23rd day turned out to be one sunnier than New Yorkers have seen in many months. The wind carressed the soul rather than blow it away and a store grows in SoHo – where empty storefronts have visually darkened an already economically depressed retail landscape. I attempted to work – that counts. But, bit the dust three hours later and as such I am posting from underneath my favorite blanket propped up by seven pillows in my candle-lit bedroom. Depression ambience, I know. Sue me. I’m about to roll over and sleep the rest of the day away and it’s only noon.

They say entrance into Topshop is currently involving a two hour wait and a trek two city blocks long – we’ll pass.

Catch you later.

A friend who enjoyed VIP shopping access yesterday evening did report fantastic news however. Yes, the pickings are just as decent as we expected – Duh! Even more, those Emma Cook booties we were swooning after made a confident appearance in gotta-have-the gray and white. You already know that while I couldn’t make it today, i’m not staying away for too long! Gotta scoop those.

Update: The Emma Cooks were tragically sold out by closing. I am now boycotting the place. See you when I see you.

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I’ll be there

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fethebloglogo_signWe love Opening Ceremony and it’s nouveau vintage funk. I always enjoy perusing through the Soho location here in NYC and we usually prefer to see the shit up close before dishing on the latest Chloe Sevigny. Every time without fail, we proceed to blush at the prices and resolve not to return for another three months. I have little self control in that place and when the cellphone goes off, shaking the wallet in my pocket to the quickening beat of my heart – I must have that! … and that! … and that. Truthfully though, I can’t even pretend to afford this stuff – I hurry out of there.


Opening Ceremony has finally opened an online shop and we’re pleased. Now we can stalk the goods without shamefully sulking out of the store. The new online shop is fun and does a good job maintaining the quirkiness we have grown to love about its brick-and-mortar predecessor. We love the simple styling but resent that we can’t find some of the footwear … those Dr. Marten red high heeled boots especially. With moving in mind, it’s good to know I can still get my O.C. fix.

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grab bag

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I’ll take the Air Claw Tee in black and the entire Claw Money x Boosted collection particularly the fanny pack, please.



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Sample Sale Alert: Abaete

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Abaete Sample Sale

Dresses, skirts, sweaters, and coats from SS08 and FW08 collections!

November 6-7th, 11AM to 7PM.

November 8th, 12PM to 6PM.

560 Broadway, Suite 509 (at Prince Street)

NYC 10012

Can I just say … I am so pleased about this. Abaete is huge personal fave and I will most definitely be in attendance … probably at the very beginning and at the very end to snag some stuff. See you there!

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Brooklyn Barter & Buy

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