Doing it like she’s NOT doing it for TV

Posted in detention, research by Staff on January 12, 2009

Clearly there is no amount of clever editing that can make Whitney Port’s life interesting enough for televison.


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funk envy

Posted in detention, Your Fashion Fix by Staff on January 3, 2009

The paparazzi pull overtime shifts trying to catch Whitney Port now that she’s a certified reality STAR .. and not a contributing ‘actress’. While Lauren feigns a breather, Whitney is heading center stage and we’re abstaining from our daily dose of ‘haterade’ (we indulge in healthy moderation) until ‘The City’ debuts. However, when I caught sight of this … we all took an entire bottle to the head. She’s not doing our bag any justice!


We must have it. We will have it. Even if we have to ambush her as she arrives in ‘the city’ and …

“Smack the ____ in her face
Take her Jeremy Scott bag and the sweat shirt off her back
Jab her if she act …”

Excuse me, I constantly find myself quoting Biggie lately. 12 days until Notorious.

Oh, and next week Whitney on the The City. MTV.

MTV thinks Reality TV is like Sex

Posted in american history, homeroom, homework, plagiarism, raise your hand, research, Your Fashion Fix by Staff on December 12, 2008

Just when I started falling asleep during episodes of the Hills, MTV announces two more ridiculous spinoffs. Bromance … which you can google because we won’t wrap our brains around something so superbly stupid. I’m slightly more moved by the idea of the ‘The City’ starring Whitney Port.

Up until now we’ve appreciated Whitney as Lauren’s single ironically ‘normal’ friend who appeared to inherit her pseudo celeb status through sheer luck after going after an internship at Teen Vogue the normal, unscripted way. We can only speculate that her leggy, near-model stature … amazing blonde hair, and cute looks made good choice for television and that couldn’t have hurt her interview as Teen Vogue already knew they would be taping for televisio. Most interns starts out awkward and slightly ridiculous anyway so whatever works.

Check out the preview here.

As boring as this series looks, i’m giving it to this girl because I wish I had Kelly Cutrone on speed dial.

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