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Oh Mary Kate, we truly appreciate your swagger. We never ever thought of judging you. 

topshop-dress-500x500Not once. We chalked your oldest absurdities to simple lapses in judgement. We all have them. We’re with you when you must be wondering … can’t a celebrity catch a break? You’ll always get one from us … both when our mouths hang wide open in shock … or in admiration. Like now, for instance. We just caught a glimpse of you and your sister at the Los Angeles premiere of the Hangover. We just love that you’re rockin’ Topshop on any red carpet. You can be our best friend. Continue to keep it real; that printed dress was a nice choice. We also had our eyes on it. It might be our new life in San Francisco finally creepin’ up on me, but those round glasses are a hippie haute we can appreciate. We must find a similar pair of those for many a Bay area music festival. Of course we would like to borrow that Lori Rodkin ring sometime but we’re sure you don’t lend your twenty thousand dollar accessories to just anyone. We wouldn’t either. We can’t identify that other bracelet-ring combo but we’ll settle for taking that one off your hands. Just thought you should know you remain on our radar even if we don’t always mention you.


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topshop_treggingI’ll admit. We get pretty excited when we receive ‘Topshop Style Notes’ updates in our inboxes. As expected, today’s mail inspired immediate reaction. This and this found a home in a our shopping basket. Most importantly we were amused by fresh terminology. Topshop has taken responsibility in coining ‘jeggings’ the new name for the jean or denim leggings invention, a cotton, polyester, spandex mix … in essence, the skinniest of skinny jeans or the stretchiest of stretch jeans.

Maybe it’s a British term in general, we remember spotting these ‘floral jeggings’ at ASOS back in March; twice a trend. Clearly maximum comfort is in mind for summer. We’ll cosign I guess … we like that they won’t get baggy after a wear or two and bunch up at the knees but these are a bit too expensive in our opinion, at $70 when I’ve been ogling a pair at Zara for $39.90. fethebloglogo_signI don’t know if we’re quite ready to make jeggings a part of our lingo but we found a bit of humor in Topshop’s initiative. They also described this pair as the Indigo Knitted ‘Tregging‘.  We aren’t embarassed to say that we don’t get the origins of the prefix used there. Trousers maybe?

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fethebloglogo_signWho knew? … the 23rd day turned out to be one sunnier than New Yorkers have seen in many months. The wind carressed the soul rather than blow it away and a store grows in SoHo – where empty storefronts have visually darkened an already economically depressed retail landscape. I attempted to work – that counts. But, bit the dust three hours later and as such I am posting from underneath my favorite blanket propped up by seven pillows in my candle-lit bedroom. Depression ambience, I know. Sue me. I’m about to roll over and sleep the rest of the day away and it’s only noon.

They say entrance into Topshop is currently involving a two hour wait and a trek two city blocks long – we’ll pass.

Catch you later.

A friend who enjoyed VIP shopping access yesterday evening did report fantastic news however. Yes, the pickings are just as decent as we expected – Duh! Even more, those Emma Cook booties we were swooning after made a confident appearance in gotta-have-the gray and white. You already know that while I couldn’t make it today, i’m not staying away for too long! Gotta scoop those.

Update: The Emma Cooks were tragically sold out by closing. I am now boycotting the place. See you when I see you.

the wheels on topshop go ’round and round

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fethebloglogo_signThree more days ’til Topshop opens in Soho.

For real this time too; the buzz is intense.

This is one heck of a stimulus plan if I could declare one. The streets are talking. Considering the retail tip-toeing Americans have been doing, we sure are glad the British are coming and promising quite the party.

Gimmicks aplenty and guerilla marketing planned, the Topshop Heartschallenger Vans – clever renditions of the ice-cream trucks iconic to the start of a New York summer – will roll around the city giving out free goodie bags! Get yours!

Topshop plans to report their whereabouts in real time on the official site via GPS tracker and updates on Twitter.  Where was this technology when YSL was doing the very same thing? Clearly, Topshop means business.

Here are planned locations for today.

12:20 PM — Van#1 at Columbia (535 W 116th Street, bet Broadway & Amsterdam)                                            Van#2 at Parsons (5th Ave & 13th Street)

2:30 PM — Van#1 Nightingale Bamford School (92nd Street bet. 4th & Madison Aves)                                    Van#2 at Pratt (144 W 14th Street, bet. 6th & 7th Aves)

3:45 PM — Van#1 at The Spence School (22 East 91st Street, bet. 5th and Madison Aves)                                Van#2 at The Fashion Institute of Technology (27th Street & 7th Ave)

Apparently,  a very Gossip Girl set and design students are the focus for the day but they’ll be continuing this promotion until the opening so there will be plenty more opportunities to track them down.


Topshop Delays Again

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According to WWD, Topshop has pushed back their Soho opening to well into the new year! And, to think we thought November was too much of a wait! Apparently, difficulties have arisen amidst the large scale construction they have planned for the location. I’m even more excited to see what its finally going to look like though we already decided the store will mainly serve as our dream dressing room. Just to confirm sizing. We’re still going to order all our faves from the UK website.

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Topshop USA Live!

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Finally! It’s here: a Topshop site especially crafted for fashionistas here in the US that have been lurking the original UK site all this time and shedding a few extra dollars for overseas shipping. I have only made one Topshop purchase to date but I must admit it was curiosity more than anything else. I wanted to check out the quality, assess the currency exchange, how long it took to arrive, etc … the buzz in fashion magazines and media in general had been undeniable and I took the plunge in the name of ‘research’. The whole experience wasn’t that great. Thus, the single purchase. The actual dress wasn’t bad but not particularly special. I totally perceive Topshop and H&M as equals … just kept my fingers crossed for a bit of the London aesthetic. I’ve always been a huge fan of British style.

TOPSHOP.COM-USEI looked forward to giving the store a second chance and relished in the attention we were about to get here in NY as Topshop pulled out the stops for us but certainly not enough; we still have to suffer the ridiculous conversion rate. Looks like the bosses across the pond don’t care to adjust their prices to make sense with our miserable US dollar and really, the product is pretty darn expensive overall … simple tops average $50 to start and they’re lackluster so 100% not worth it. This is all pretty disappointing. When you take a look at the featured Lookbooks, you get really excited for a few choice things which could be worth it but half the stuff isn’t even available. This is such a half-stepped introduction. I’m not at all as excited as I was but I suppose I’m still going to pay attention.

Here are our faves … a few things we’re considering picking up. Notice the price is pretty darn devastating and probably could serve better use at a mini shopping spree a la H&M.

Sign up for the newsletter for style features especially designed for us Yankees  … soon to come. And, apparently the site will be first to update regarding the opening of the Soho USA flagship.

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